This was written in response to the daily challenge from: The Daily Post


(Yet to be titled)

In my dreams, I envision a place where no one is threatened, no gets hurt.
No one stands in want of basics, where things are just right
A place that I know this world never sees,
A place in my heart, full of rivers and trees

In my dreams, I envision, this wondrous place,
A mountainous meadow, a river, the sea
A place full of wonder, where pegasi roam
Where unicorns, foxes, lambs, and sphinx play

In my dreams, I envision this place as it is
A wasteland just waiting for the right caring hand
A place that is barren, soiled and worn
A place that has seen the worst of the war-torn

In my dreams, I envision this place growing green
That love and respect burble up to be seen
Where kindness takes over from crude and vulgar distaste
Where love and safety can safe lay to rest

The burdens I see when I envision this place
Weigh heavy on my mind as I look to the west
Where reality stalks, infringes, demands more
To the east where it starts, the border land eyesore

This place I envision, this place that I claim
Within and without all around me does lie
The lies of the heart, of the mind, of the soul
The shadow of battles, of the unknown and untold

Truth is this place, this mecca of peace
Truth to the soul, to yourself and to me.
In my dreams, I envision a place where you stand
Free from encumbrance, from hate, from half lies
In this place you stand bare – tell yourself truth,

This I dare!



10 thoughts on “Challenged!

    1. It always rides in my mind. It is a wonderful place to visit, and though I may think I want to live there full time, I also love the real world.

      At least here I get the challenges to make there better!


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