Silence makes Road Blocks

The words are silent, the screen remains blank,
A way forward is all that you take
A word, a gesture, a scene out of grief,
But what makes the way from here to relief?

The words are silent, they just won’t come to you
The plot has its twits, its kinks and preview
The scene grows static, grows stale and old
But what makes the way from here to tale told?

The words have gone silent, a roadblock indeed
The chapters build pressure, a storm is coming, you’ll see!
Back twist, back plot, rework, tear down
But how can you just get this road into town?

It is bad when I have two chapters almost completely plotted out, and I know where the next arc of the story is going to happen, but for some reason one scene – yes one small scene refuses to cooperate and link into the rest of the plot line.

Most would call this “writer’s block”, but I do not believe it is.  I’m not blocked from writing, the words are there, but they have become jammed at a bottleneck I did not intentionally build.  It started with a hard stop to the story, but I have since gone back and removed that one.  The action, dialogue and activities flow smoothly from one chapter to the next.  But, now I am running into problems with coming up with ideas to torture my main character with.

Yes, I did say torture, and I mean torture.  He is not a nice person.  And, until he starts becoming a nice guy, I will continue to torture him.  No, I do not mean “test”, no I do not mean “torment”.  I mean it when I say torture.  But, re-using the same torture prods is so… cheesy.  And, it almost feels like that is what I may have to do.  Some how I need to get the action moving again, and finish out this chapter.

Oh, words!  Oh, words!  Wherefore art thou words?
The storm is building, the clouds are gray
The wind is rising, this is a dark, dark day

Oh, words!  Oh, words!  Wherefore art thou words?
Where is that perfect storm of inspiration,
Of energy, of time, and of pacing?

Generally, I guess I am feeling sorry for myself.  Got to get over that too.


8 thoughts on “Silence makes Road Blocks

    1. Reconcile? Not yet. That’s a few more books down the road. Got it jump started again by starting the process of introducing a new character. Not sure if she’ll show up in this book or not. Will have to see how the plot twists before the end.

      As for a good person – I MIGHT be able to twist him around to that point eventually. Right now, I’m having too much fun with him being a royally nasty guy.

      Thanks for the reply, however. Gives me a couple of ideas to toss in the mixer for the next few chapters. I may not think I’ll use them, but with as slithery as this plot line has been, I honestly can’t guess where it is going next.


  1. I really enjoy your writing, but I have a question: What is Pukah?

    I Googled it, but all I could find said that Pukah is “a summoner on the North America region.” I imagine it is some sort of Native American spiritual something or other?

    Thanks for bearing with my ignorance.



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