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This will be edited a bit more once I get to my other computer, but thought I would take a bit of borrowed time between real life projects to get a few new tools assembled for use for NaNo.

Since the Melkreaschen Realm uses mostly a Drow/Latin mix of names, and I am pretty sure I will be running across settlements in the Sunlits – have to find the fighters somewhere, right? – I had better figure out which language base/blend I was going to sue for that.  The two realms really do NOT get along.  The Sunlits try to ignore the Melkreschen Realms, and the Melkreschen Realms prey upon the Sunlits.

Does this remind you of something in history?  It does me.  (Though, the roles are reversed.)  So, I’m going to go with a Greek/racial blend of the names for the Sunlits.  I say racial, because now we will be encountering other races besides the Melkresken.  There will be fairy , werewolves , vampires in larger numbers.  Not sure why in my own mind that is, at least not yet.


Well, that covers the names – with a few definitions, I can usually come up with a place/town/city/enclave name fairly well.

Now, it is time to dissect the world.  But, saving that for another post… Still working out what the dynamics are.  Obviously, where the Melkreschen Realm intersects the Sunlits, the darker creatures are going to gather – like does attract like, after all.  So the further away you get from that intersection, the most positive the peoples are.  Not sure what that does for peacefulness.

Something critical, most would not think of until you are well into the project.  At least, I know I didn’t.  Distances, temperature, or generally which units do you plan on using?  Found a wonderful sight with just about any type of unit conversion you could dream of.  From the old biblical units, like cubits, span, and etzbah to the more modern SI units.  And, there are other conversion charts to investigate as well.  Go here to take a look at this wonderful resource.

And, because the Melkreskenk prey upon the Sunlits for fighters or other slaves, the closer you are to points of contact between the two realms, the more warlike those peoples would be.  If only in self defence against having their families torn apart by a slave raid.  So, at least the initial encounters between the cast and the world will only need to define the terrain and any new race they encounter.  Will be interesting to see how far they have to travel in order to gather up the entire crew.  And, how far from the Intuii’s home were they dumped out into the Sunlits?  The story planted that hint, and I have yet to get any indication WHAT that hint is for!

The other idea – and one I invite feed back for – adaptation to the new living conditions.  Yes, Nameless… or rather the vampire … brought along a bag of provisions.  Yes, Nameless can exist on rations that wouldn’t satisfy a bird.  But, sooner or later those provisions are either going to go bad, or become exhausted.  How does he support himself from there?  He’s hunted – to a limited degree – before his Silk entered the Arena.  But, are those skills enough to tackle game that is used to be hunted by predators almost as fast as itself?  (yeah, I don’t think that a man-sized, man-shaped creature can run down a deer or rabbit in a straight out sprint.)  Will he learn how to hunt, or do I even need to address this issue?

With the Vampire, I’ve already concluded she can move about some in the daylight without being irreparably harmed.  Granted, she can’t move around at noon, or when the sun’s strength is at its peak, but a few hours before dusk or after dawn leaves quite a bit of time to play with.  But, being in the sun does strange things to her mind.  Can she adapt, and carry her limited sanity into these times, or will she only be at her sanest during the deepest parts of the night?  (That’s going to be a fun question to answer)

Thankfully, the other characters don’t have these same questions to carry forward with them… Oh, wait… the werecat – She’s a laughing new moon – so what ability does she have to control her shift during the new moon?  Can she fight it off, and retain her humanity, or is she forced to turn into a cat for the duration?  (Yeah, with a wolf shifting pukah in tow, I can see how much fun THAT’s going to be!)

So, not only do I have to deal with daylight/dakness constraints, I’ve also got to deal with the lunar cycle constraints.

As I’ve said before, this is going to be one uncomfortably fun ride!


Comments and questions welcome.

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