Book Review – The Choice


Horrors of horrors, a story that tackles the war between good and evil in a delightfully new manner.  I met Tanya through a discussion board, and we got to comparing some of our trials and tribulations in writing.  She pointed me at this one, and though it took me a while, I knew that I wanted to read it.  Tanya is a wonderful lady, with a ready wit, so I expected this to be a wonderful read.  What I did not expect, however, was the setting.

Normally, there are three types of books I avoid at all costs – to the point that I put them down to never pick back up once I recognize the frame of the story.  Those types include politics, religion, and erotica.  This book definitely broke me of that idea in a hurry.  No spoilers included, but this book does use politics and religion to weave the net that captured my voracious reading habit and held it captive for two delightful days.  I was upset when it closed, though almost all of the loose ends were satisfactorily wrapped up.  The one left free could be the thread to a sequel, or it could forever remain loose.  Either way does nothing to diminish the vibrant, well woven, and intriguing story that is told in these pages.

This is definitely an adult book, though the love scenes are handled with grace and dignity, the violence is presented in a way that makes it a highlight, not the centerpiece, and even the concepts are kept down to earth for most high school (+) reading comprehension levels.  I cannot tell if this is a horror, thriller, or dystopian fiction because it has elements of all three woven through it.  Or at least, what I would count as elements.  Some might find it a bit more frightening than others.

The other thing that makes it so gripping, is that while this is a tale of good versus evil, it is NOT a tale of pure good fighting pure evil.  Sometimes the good guys are the bad guys, and the bad guys are the good guys.  It definitely send the reader on a tumbling ride, and when you get to the end, it was so much fun you want to do it again.  The world – modern day USA – is consistent with what can be seen or heard through the mainstream media with a few elements that give it a bit of a fantasy flair (the use of magic and miracles both) that is carefully woven in.  The little extras you get along the way are part of the fabric, and add a wonderful depth to the characters and the setting.

Over all, this is a wonderful read.

Rating:  5 out of 5 stars.

Come get trapped inside a wonderful story!


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