Book Review – Inherited Danger


Brian Rathbone has done it again.  He’s written another wonderful, enthralling installment for his Godlsand series.  This one is a bit bleaker than his first, a bit darker.  But, it does not in anyway detract from the wonderful imagination of the author.  He manages to get you wrapped up in rooting for the good guys, the bad guys, the not so good guys, the down trod, and on occasion even the nobility.

Catlin has reached the mainland of the Greatland, and begins the tour her itinerary forces her to take.  Along the way she is force to make a couple of unexpected detours when she finds out that what she is seeking is not just knowledge, but a way to honor a promise she feels was made in her name to herself.  She discovers more about her past, the past of her family and some of her Guardians, and she also gets to meet family she never even knew existed.

Through it all, the pace of the story is well set, and the characters continue to exhibit a wonderful blend of imperfections that make them more and more solidly believable.  (Though, Brian, why did you have to kill him?)  Yes, one of the guardians dies.  But, you have to read to find out which one.

As the story rushes to the stunning ending, chaos begins to take over the land, and the writing style mirrors this.  I enjoyed the effect, though not everyone will.  Some younger readers may find the last part a little hard to follow as the story hops around for a paragraph or two before settling back on the main action again.  But, you know it when it ends.  There is a wall, and you slam through it back into reality wondering what just hit you, and where the rest of the story has gone.

Over all, I gladly give this a 5 out of 5 stars for adult readers, a little weaker 4.5 out of 5 for YA readers because of the chaotic hippity hop that occurs near the end.

This is one I’m definitely glad I got my hands on, and I look forward to the next one in the series.


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