Book Review – Dragon Ore


The third book in the series, and things are heating up for our heroine Catrin.  She’s been literally through the wringer and back.  Now, with everything around her falling to pieces, and a new horror on the horizon, shes trying to gather her friends, supporters, and power.

However, her string of bad luck doesn’t seem to be coming to an end.  Rathbone once again draws you into the world of Godsland and traps you in a web of intrigue, struggle, and uncomfortable self discovery.  When Catrin discovers her immediate enemy has escaped his just dues once again, she is determined to see him brought down and his reign of terror ended.

Though this installment is as well written as the others, there is a sense of held breath for most of the early part of the book.  The pacing is a little slow to start, then quickly picks back up once the action starts again.  But, after the first two books, the slower pace is a good chance to catch your breath.  Especially if you have been on a Rathbone reading binge like I just finished.  If it has been a while since you dipped your toes in the waters of Godsland, the slower pace gives you a chance to get your legs back under you before you are picked up and thrown headfirst back into the wild excitement of the series.

Catrin continues to develop, though she has a flaw others might find annoying – she feels too deeply about her enemies.  I find it endearing, as she looks for the good in everyone, despite everything the world and fate has thrown at her.  She is still a young lady, and Rathbone does a wonderful job of preserving that youth even though she has had most of her childhood knocked out of her through the troubles she has already survived.

The other characters that continue to support her do a wonderful amount of development in this book – some become more complex, others mature, and still others show us a new side that you wouldn’t have expected them to have.

And, you finally get to meet the dragons.  (Not to mention, gain an understanding of why Brian tweets his humorous “bad dragon” jokes.)

Over all, this one gets a 4.5 out of 5 stars.  The early pacing is a little slow, but there are some advantages for that.

One last note… I was very surprised to see the target audience for the series.  With as well crafted as these books are, I expected it to be young adult.  Instead, Brian has marked them for middle grades through young adult.  But, don’t let that put you off.  Even the older readers will find times when the story line brings out a chuckle of enjoyment because it took an unexpected turn or two.


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