Book Review – Regent



The evil is defeated, and you would think that everything could settle down to some sense of normatlity for Caitrin.  But, then again, where is the story in that?  Watching someone who’s come to be such an icon living her day to day life and trying to instill a sense of preservation in a people who love her, but don’t believe her.  So, things begin to go wrong.  Very wrong.

We are introduced to the next generation of heroes, and the lurking horror of the next big evil comes out of the shadows, leading Caitrin away from her home, her family, and her friends.  The secrets to the underground stronghold dubbed by the residents as “Dragonhold” begin to surface, and those living within the underground fortress have to figure out what those secrets mean.

When the future unfolds as predicted, even those who have been preaching that bad times are coming were caught unprepared.  The rest were caught flat footed, and the epic struggle to survive escalated into territory most would consider unworkable.  Those within Dragonhold are pinned, those without cannot get in, and their hope for salvation vanishes from the lives of those who love and need her.

This time, Caitrin isn’t completely to blame, however.

Another thought provoking ride of tension, fear, relief, and excitement, Regal is a wonderful page turner that pulls you deep into the story and doesn’t really let go until the last page is done.  Brian has once again crafted a story that leaves you begging for more.  Though, at least this time, he doesn’t slam you into reality when the book wraps up.  (Which I deeply appreciate!)

On the technical side, the pacing is wonderful, and the story flows smoothly from start to finish.  The world of Godsland is expanded to someplace new, and the world building is handled nicely which prevents massive blocks of new information dropped into the narrative.

Would I read this one again?  You bet!  Overall rating is definitely a 5 out of 5 stars!


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