Book Review – Regal


This one, the title doesn’t make sense until after you’ve started in on the story.  Nor does the cover.  Especially if you’ve read Regent.  Rathbone continues to keep things interesting, and has shifted the primary focus from the epic battle between the good guys and the bad guys.  There are still skirmishes, and you still get to see some of the evil’s plottings make messes in the lives of the little men, but this book shifts to the focus for a good part of the story between man and nature.  How are the transplanted folks going to survive in their new home?

Through glimpses of the machinations that continue to fester and brew in other places, the three-way story telling is woven tight enough it is sometimes hard to tell just exactly who is where, or doing what to whom.  The world is in chaotic disarray, there is no real single focus in the political leadership, though it seems to be focusing where no one in their right mind would want.  And, now the new generation of hero/heroines have no place to really call home.  Add to that the puzzle presented by the Regal dragons, and you have a heady brew indeed.

This book is an extension of the previous two (Regent  and Feral).  Perhaps it is because I wound up on a Godsland reading binge, or because the story is actually an extension of all that has happened before, but trying to separate out what happened in this book has proven to be difficult.  It seems to draw threads from all of the previous books, and weave them into a new thread all its own, and that thread is painting a grim tapestry of prediction in deed.

Over all, with everything said, I honestly can give this one a resounding 5 out of 5 stars.  Just be ware, I’m not sure if that rating is for the BOOK or for the SERIES.  It’s all so woven together I cannot tell any more.  Well done Brian!


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