Character Interview – Mystery


We met Tanya Simons on Sunday, and she has graciously agreed to come back, this time with a guest.  Once again, I welcome you both, and thank you for stopping by.

Tanya, can you please introduce us to your charming friend here?

  • Mystery Williams Parsons, phD. I had it officially changed from Melusine Natasson, about eleven years ago.

That’s an interesting name.  Both what you were born with, and what you have changed it to, Mystery.  May I be nosy, and ask where you were born?

  • I was born in a stone aerie in the mountains outside of Boulder, CO. 36 years ago on a Saturday night.

I’m guessing your parents weren’t your typical working mom and dad.  What were they like?

  • My mother was raised to think that Satan’s way was right and all others were wrong. She became the leader of her people, an ancient coven of witches formed by my father, the original Cain. (As in Cain and Abel) Grandma, was Eve, she pulled a fast one on Adam and passed off Satan’s boy as his. My father, well he was The Beast, evil in the flesh, but he was surprisingly human and loving. Their tale is a complicated one that ended in their deaths.

Does that mean you have other siblings?

  • My father came back to his people many times over the millennia, lending his seed to make them stronger. I am kinda my own granpa, as the kid’s song says. The lineage is so convoluted that some of my siblings are my ancestors

That sounds like there is a big story in the untangling of that mess.  Sadly, there’s not enough time to get into that today.  So, instead, I’ll ask just one more question.  Do you have something you have done that makes you proud?  If so, why?

  • breaking free of the comfort and acceptance of my people and choosing to protect my child and ultimately humanity from my grandfather, Satan.

That is indeed a big accomplishment.  Thank you for telling us.

If you would like to find out more about Mystery, and her story, please go here, and get a copy for yourself.

Thank you Tanya, Mystery, once again for stopping by today.  I hope that others will find your story as inspiring as I did.


Comments and questions welcome.

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