Book Review – The One Enlightened





This is a nice, light addition to the series.  The characters continue to develop and add complexity, and the tale continues to get even quirkier.  There are a few BIG twists right at the end, and I can honestly say I was caught flat footed when they roared through.  I thought for certain I had a solid idea where this tale was heading – right into the fantasy romance genre.  Oh, it may still get there, but if Calleiro holds true to the rules she’s written, there are some more surprises in store for us in the coming installments of the series.

The teenage years are passing, and there is a definite sense of the teen angst starting to fade.  The heroine still refuses to acknowledge through most of this book that everyone around her may be telling the truth, despite the wonderfully light hand my Calleiro has in showing just how right they are.  There are some new additions to the cast, and a few surprising deletions as well.

The first book took place on Earth, so the contrast between the setting in this book and the setting in the first provides a wonderful backdrop to the changes that are taking place inside.  And, I had so much fun watching the contest of wills!  There is a wonderful sense of “what next” through out this one that was lacking in the first.  I think now, it is because the heroin is starting to look ahead, rather than to the past or immediate surroundings.  She’s discovering what she is capable of, and is starting to take on an almost childish delight in exploring her capabilities and world.

There is a nice ebb and flow in the pacing of the action, giving you a chance to explore the world in tandem with the cast, and enough restriction of movement that you want to break free and go roam.  The danger is ramped up for everyone, and more than a few shocks are delivered along the way to provide the page turning tension that carries you through the book.  This one isn’t as character driven as the first installment, but the plot is plenty hefty on its own to bear the burden.

A solid 5 of 5 star edition to the series.  Now, where’s the next one?


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