Character Interview – Michael Field

When a debt goes bad… someone’s looking to make a killing. Michael Field just lost his City job and his beautiful wife in one fell swoop. Unemployed and down on his luck, he’s propositioned by one-time friend, Herbert Long. The job is non-negotiable – pay-back for a cover-up years ago. But something’s not right; it all seems too easy… It’s not just the job that doesn’t add up. Part of him is flattered by the improbable advances of the beautiful young woman who calls herself Grace de Manton, but his inner realist is suspicious. What is her game? And could she be connected with Herb somehow? He can’t shake the feeling he’s being watched. Then there’s the threatening voice of a stranger down the phone… and that man lurking in the shadows. In this complex criminal web, Mickey doesn’t know who to protect and who to fear. But with even those closest to him seemingly involved, who can he trust? A hapless pawn in a bigger game that’s playing out between local crime lords, all he knows is whatever happens, he’s not going back into that bloody chamber…


Steve, welcome back.  I presume this is Michael with you today?

Welcome to Pukah Works.  So glad you both could stop by to chat.  Mr. Fields, please do not be shy, there are several folks who I know want to get to know you better.

Steve has introduced you as Michael.  Is this how you prefer to be called, or do you prefer another name?

  • You can call me Mickey.

I sure will, Mickey.  Do you have any connection to other Michaels?

  • My name is Michael Field. If you thought I was going to say My name is Michael Caine, you’d be wrong. The only thing we have in common, some say he talks like me. You’ll be the judge of that.

Other than Mickey, do you have any other nicknames?

  • Not really. You might have called me a Yuppie back in the eighties, but I’m not even a Dinky anymore.

How would you classify yourself from the following:  Human, werewolf, faerie, alien?

  • Human… the last time I looked. Though I don’t always recognise the person looking back at me from the mirror.

Can you tell us where you were born and a little about the area?

  • Some would call me a Man of Kent, born as I was, south of the Thames in Gravesend. It’s where they buried the last of the Plague victims in the 17th century, you know. Don’t worry, there are no Zombies in Gravesend. Just the odd sociopathic killer.

Since you don’t seem the sociopathic type, do you consider yourself one of the good guys, bad guys, or somewhere in between?

  • That’s a tough one. Things could have been very different. I’ve tried to stay the right side of the line since that fateful night. Twenty-five years of pinstriped conformity Herb called it. But I guess my weakness is being too easily led. When he recently called to remind me that I owed him from all those years ago, I guess I didn’t really have a choice, but when I agreed to help my old friend, it did give me that old buzz again.

Is it hard to get along with others for you, or does it come easy?

  • Easy, so I thought. I’d held onto a beautiful wife for a number of years, but in the end… I suppose I just wasn’t enough for her. That’s why it was such a surprise when that young woman, Grace De Manton, seemed so interested in me. I should have been suspicious of someone so precocious with such an exotic name. But I was flattered and she wouldn’t take no for an answer. What’s a guy supposed to do? So yeah, we got along just fine… at first.

Do you have any main enemies, or people you would like to see the police stop?

  • I wish I knew. I’m not sure who I can trust right now. Everyone’s got a secret and nothing’s quite what it seems. Herb’s disappeared, Grace is trying too hard, most of the cops are corrupt, there’s a threatening voice on the phone and, call me paranoid, but I’m sure someone’s been following me.

If you could, what would you change about yourself?

  • That’s easy. I’d turn back the clock to that night when I last agreed to break into a house. I left with nothing… except a dark secret and a whole lot of guilt. If I could make that choice again, maybe I wouldn’t have had to carry that around for the last twenty years. And I definitely wouldn’t have had to agree to just do it all over again.

Can you tell us anything about your parents?

  • Mum’s a real angel. Probably the only genuine person in my life. And the one positive role model who’s kept me honest. They call Dad the Sheriff in certain circles… on account of the way he shafted Little John all those years ago.

Do you have any siblings to be worried about?

  • There’s just my brother, John… yeah, that John. He’s not had it easy. He’s been away for a while now. I go and see him when I’m feeling guilty. He’s no longer the person I grew up with.

Can you tell us your biggest secret?

  • Ah! You’ll have to read my story to get the answer to that one!

Well, in that case, I recommend we all go get your story, and find out.

Thank you again Steve for stopping by, and thank you Mickey for agreeing to come with.  It has been fun getting a chance to chat with you gentlemen, and I look forward to reading the story that goes long with.


If you would like to have your own author/character interview hosted here on Pukah Works, then please go here, and drop me a line.  Spots are starting to fill up quick in March, so don’t delay too long.  Look forward to hearing from you!


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