Book Review – Reboot

Commissioner Bellarbi’s administration of the Information Systems Investigation Authority isn’t going well. Communications networks are crumbling and a series of high-profile industrial and food production failures have threatened safety and cost jobs. He believes the global technology infrastructure is under attack from cyber-terrorists. With public protests rising and his job under threat, he needs answers fast. Leaving him only one choice: to seek help from her… Mayrum Casteneda, the legendary founder of the Authority, is a relic from a bygone age who definitely doesn’t suffer fools. She might just be the only person who can help, but are the answers buried too deep?

Oof!  Where to start with this short story?

I am not as familiar with short stories as I am with full length novels.  However, for the length, this one is definitely packed with action.  The setting is quickly sketched in, and the characters are firmly developed.  (Of course, this could be because I’ve already met Ms. Casteneda during her interview.)  The problem is just as rapidly developed, and enough information is provided to allow the solution to be believable.

The only down side?  I want to know what happens next!  This is a fun, FAST read – a total of 9 pages according to my reader – and I devoured them.  For those who are looking for an entertaining read over a lunch break, I would recommend this one if you like science fiction.

Short as it is, I still happily give this one a 4 of 5 stars.  If it is part of a series of shorts that follow along a similar plot line, I might even be tempted to add that last star.


Comments and questions welcome.

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