Book Review – Seventh Magic

Power’s height approaches Ancient threats are unleashed on the people of Godsland. A flood of comet light proves too much of a good thing can be deadly. Humanity’s endurance and ingenuity will be put to the ultimate test: survival.

Another solid addition to the growing series.  Both the old and new cast members from all the books to date have become embroiled in the same fight, and it was fun to see how they finished this part of the quest.

Is this the last book in the series?  Somehow I don’t think so.  Many loose ends are tied up, but there are a few places that give glimpses of potential new stories to take off from.  The blend of steampunk and fantasy is very interesting, and I loved seeing how the two different modes worked together – dragons flying with air ships.

The pacing was a tad slow, but that may have been because the character development was almost non-existent.  Sadly, many of the familiar characters didn’t change much, and the reactions were predictable.  This does not mean the story was not a fun read, but it definitely shifted from a character driven story to a plot driven one.


It has taken me almost two weeks to dissect what I felt when I finished this one, because of the change in emphasis.  And, over all, I think it is a good 3.5, maybe 4 out of 5 star effort.


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