Book Review: The Flink Connection

A murdered politician. An unsolved art heist. An international conspiracy. A cryptic online message leads nonverbal communications expert Doctor Genevieve Lenard to the body of a brutally murdered politician. Despite being ordered not to investigate, Genevieve and her team look into this vicious crime. More online messages follow, leading them down a path lined with corruption, a sadistic assassin, an oil scandal and one of the biggest heists in history–the still unsolved 1990 Boston museum art theft worth $500m. The deeper they delve, the more evidence they unearth of a conspiracy implicating someone close to them, someone they hold in high regard. With a deadline looming, Genevieve has to cope with past and present dangers, an attack on one of her team members and her own limitations if she is to expose the real threat and protect those in her inner circle.

Returning to the world of Genevieve, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what I was getting into.  Even if it had been a rehash of one of the previous ideas, by now I trusted Estelle Ryan to provide a fresh, new look at it.  I should not have worried.

There are some elements that she has carried from book to book – if she hadn’t, then her writing would not fit into the genre of murder/mystery.  The addition of new twists and turns to the basic idea of “dead body, who did it?” were as exciting this time as they were in the first book.  There is an extra level of polish, which I believe comes from now having three books already under her belt.  Some of the descriptions were not as long, yet provided even more information.  This may not be noticeable if you have spaced the books out.  However, I have been on a reading binge – diving out of one book directly into the next.

I call these a series, however series may not be the proper term.  The central cast of characters remain the same, and the villains have a smooth hand off from one to the next when it occurs.  (I believe for this novel we are still facing the second one, so that may change.)  The personal issues each of the characters face also provides a sense of continuity, as if it were a series.  But, the stories encapsulated between the covers are definitely an episode, not part of an over arching plot.

There are a few new twists for this one, besides the expected, which sends the character development back into overdrive.

Along with the characters, this book also explores the darker side of civilization.  The one that is the worst kept secret, because everyone knows it exists, but very few know how to find it.  In this installment, Genevieve takes a step back, and her supporting cats gets a chance to shine on their own in a wonderfully delightful switch up.

When I hit the end of this book, the first two impressions I had were “Good, [old bad guy has done X]”, and “Wait, how many books left until the end?”  The first was a sense of relief – the initial villain was slightly over played, though his last hurrah was quite entertaining.  And, his end quite satisfactory.  The second was a sense of dread.  With another book adding another 5 out of 5 star installment to the list, I don’t want the series to end.  Ever.  And, there are only two more until I’m forced to wait on the next release.  I’m in trouble!


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