Character Interview – Alex

Pairing teenage paranormal angst and comedic mystery, Christina Surretsky introduces a new kind of heroine in her debut young adult novelDivine Bloodlines. Sixteen-year-old Zoey Chase is just your average teenage girl whose social life isn’t exactly what you would call “thriving” considering that her social circle consists of her gay best friend, her oversexed grandmother, and her grandmother’s transvestite health aide. But that’s the way Zoey likes it. Because she has a secret ability even those closest to her don’t know: she can heal people by touching them. She discovered this power at a young age, but before she could ask her parents about it, her father died, and she was too late to help. How can she possibly tell anyone about her ability to heal when she didn’t save her father? When twins Asher and Levi move to town, they shake up more than Zoey’s social life. Surprised by golden-boy Asher’s interest, she agrees to go on a date but ends up having to find another way home when things go wrong. Thankfully, despite being fairly menacing, Levi comes to her rescue. Zoey risks revealing her secret as she grows closer to both brothers—but she may just discover they have hidden abilities of their own… Rated four stars on Goodreads by New York Times best-selling author Amanda Hocking.

Christina, welcome back.  Who do you have with you today?

  • Alex

Does Alex have a last name?

  • Bitch, please. Unless your last name is Walters or Winfrey, I think you have enough information.

All right “just” Alex.  I can live with that.

From the story you are in, I’m guessing that life isn’t the most care free.  Would you say that you live under constant pressure?

  • Honey, I’m the only out gay kid in a high school of about 4,000 people. What do you think?

I take it, that answer is yes.  Do you have any one who is an ally and helps keep you from doing anything too rash?

  • Allies? What is this, a WWII war documentary? My best friend is Zoey Chase. She would hate me talking about her because she’s not exactly a social butterfly like me, but she’s funny, smart, and can be a totally sarcastic bitch, which is why I lover her. She’s one of the few people who can match wits with me.

One more question Alex.  If you could be anything in the world, what would you choose?

  • I would become the creature known as Beyonce. Because Beyonce. (Is it really necessary for me to explain this? She’s practically mythological. She sings. She dances. She’s a miracle covered in perfect skin.)

Alex, I feel that anyone can achieve similar results, you just have to put in the hard work and take good care of your own body.

Christina, I thank you again for stopping by, and bringing Alex with you today.


If you would like to read more, the image above will carry you away to the wonderful store where you can purchase your own copy.  If you would like to get to know Christina better, you can read her interview here, or connect with her on her blog where Christina write[s] my own blogs, and also cross post blogs that I write for some other sites. on twitter, and on Facebook


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