Book Review: Scorn Kills

William Branch is a married man living his dream. He’s a True Crime author with 15 wildly popular books to his name. He’s sought after for television appearances and has even sold the movie rights for one book. As he likes to brag — he is the King of True Crime. Now Bill’s not the best looking guy nor does he have muscles to flash, what he does have is money and lots of it — he’s got his and his wife, Bianca’s. Without a doubt, he married into money and he’s not ashamed to spend it. But his wife doesn’t mind as long as he’s faithful. Then comes the fateful day Bill and Bianca attend a parent teacher conference with his daughter’s teacher. One look at the beautiful Karina Alexandrov and his lust becomes Bill’s Achilles heel, leaving his faithfulness in the dust. All it takes is one sultry glance at the right moment and Bill blindly enters into an affair that rapidly gets out of hand. He’s powerless to stop himself even though he knows his wife’s bound to find out. Unluckily for Bill, Karina has secrets of her own. She’s a femme fatale. Her interest is more about getting as much of Bill’s money as she can get, than in anything else he has to offer. Her wiles get her into his wallet in short order. As he tries to juggle his lover and his wife, Bill ignores the contract he signed in blood. And he doesn’t realize there’s a secret involving one of the two women in his life that’s about to explode. When it does, it will twist their lives in ways none of them ever expected. Scorn Kills is horrifyingly poignant.

Where to start with this one?  Fun?  Yup, Suzi has captured that one.  Suspenseful?  Yup, got that one too.  Interesting?  That makes a home run in my book.  Pokes at the rule?  Knocks it clear out of the ballpark.

Even though this one is a shorter work, less than 100 pages according to the Amazon sale page, Suzi does a fantastic job packing in so much story you don’t realize it.  Fast paced, so the pages fly by, with enough twists and turns the depth in the story makes it feel about four times as big as it is.

The characters are all solidly developed, and I know there were several times I was a bit skittish about turning around to see just who was lurking over my shoulder.  Thankfully, it was just the cats.  If it had been a person, I might have had to repair a wall or two.  The character development definitely brings the individuals in this work to full life.  And, not in a Frankenstein way.

There isn’t much world building needed, as this is set in almost any modern city.  With that said, Suzi continues weaving her magic to take you to the city where this is set.

Without giving anything away that’s not already in the description, I can honestly say that Suzi had a wonderful story that starts and ends at the same place, and leaves you wondering if poor Bill even stood a chance to get out while he could.

Definitely something I look forward to going back and revisiting again and again for a 5 out of 5 stars.  Well done Suzi!


7 thoughts on “Book Review: Scorn Kills

        1. I was actually torn between starting on The Devil’s Lieutenant, and Scorn Kills. Suzi told me that Scorn Kills isn’t necessary, but it does a nice job to set up the rest. So, I started there. I’ll be adding Devil’s Lieutenant shortly to the to read stack. She’s got a fun writing style.


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