Character Interview: Shigeru Sato


Shig Sato’s life isn’t what it used to be. Retired because of his age from Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Sato reluctantly begins a new life as a private investigator. When the Kobayashi twins are arrested for murder, they turn  to Sato for help. What Sato finds is the Kobayashi twins have gotten themselves involved in a murder they did not commit, and Superintendent Tanaka and his cronies are still out to arrest Sato and ruin his reputation.
While checking out the twin’s alibi, Sato discovers, fraud, greed, murder, arson, and an autistic boy whose life is in danger. For Sato, the case becomes a race against time – to protect the  child and stop a killer.







Joe, welcome back.  Is this Shigeru Sato with you?


Forgive me if I use the incorrect name, I admit to not being that familiar with Japanese naming conventions.  Mr. Sato, do you have any nicknames others use for you?

  • Shig – My mother said that as a child I looked too solemn, and needed some cheering up.  All my friends call me Shig.

Can you share with us anything about where or when you were born?

  • Takatsu. Back then it was a village along the Tama River, a small part of Kawasaki city, in Kanagawa. Now it’s all a part of metropolitan Tokyo.

Sounds like a dangerous time.  What do you do for a living?

  • I once was a police detective before I had to retire because of my age. Now I am a private investigator. I’m not sure I like it.

Not many do like having to admit to slowing down.  And, moving into the private sector can often bring about more headaches than it relieves.  Did you discover any dark secrets in your work that you can share?

  • My childhood friend is head of a powerful crime syndicate. After my father died, his father fulfilled a promise to look after my mother and me.  I asked him for help in solving a difficult case. Being a police officer with a friend who is yakuza presents problems.

That is a powerful secret to be holding.  Do you have any achievements or happy memories to balance this?

  • I was lucky to meet and marry a woman with whom I was very happy. She has, as the Americans say, passed on. I miss her.

My sympathy for your loss.  Though, may the happy memories live on for you.  Thank you for stopping by, Mr. Sato.

And, thank you again Joe for coming back by.  It was a pleasure to have you and your guest in today.

The most recent story with Shigeru Sato is available on Amazon, as well as the first book in the series.  If you would like to connect with Joe, you may do so on his blog, his website, Facebook, and Twitter


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