Book Review: Gotta Read It! 5 Simple Steps to a Fiction Pitch that Sells

Blurbs, product descriptions, query letters… no matter what you call them, they’re a chore to write. And yet the success of any novel can depend on its pitch. What’s an author to do? In this short, instructive ebook, Libbie Hawker takes the pain out of pitch-writing and shares the secrets of a perfect fiction pitch. Whether you’re an indie writer seeking to improve sales of your self-published novels or an author hoping to hook your dream agent with a can’t-resist query letter, GOTTA READ IT! Is the ebook for you. Learn which features signify great story to the subconscious mind, how to sort through the details of your plot to find the core of your novel, and how to write pitches for books with one, two, or many primary characters… all in five simple steps!

This book is exactly what the cover says it is – if you write, this is a must have reference guide.  It makes the painful process of writing your back cover description (aka blurb) so much less painful and stressful!

It breaks down the psychology of why you should write the descriptions a certain way, which pieces of information you need to have and why you should have them, and gives you examples to look at to see how those pieces can be included.  It does not guarantee you’ll do it right the first time, but it sure does make figuring out how to tweak your descriptions much, much easier.  I’ve already applied it to my two released books, and have noticed an increase in interest.  Sadly, this doesn’t do much for the other biggie, but that’s beyond the scope what this covers.

This is written in an informal, yet informative manner, and manages to cram a ton of very useful information into a very small number of pages.

Though I tend to not revisit technical books, not only have I come back to this one time and again, I am so grateful I stumbled across it, that if I could give it more than 5 out of 5 stars I would!



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