Book Review: Self Publishing: Confessions of a Grandma: Part 3: Oh, the Places I’ve gone, and the People I’ve Met!

My self-publishing journey continues and I find the whole world is here to help me. I discover writers, formatters, illustrators and bloggers from Israel, New Zealand and Pakistan. Although the business of self-publishing is still a wild roller coaster ride, I am hanging on and actually enjoying it.

After meeting Pam on Facebook trough the Books Go Social group, when I saw one of her books out for free, I thought I’d give it a try.  I am glad that I did.

This is a serialized memoir, and I will admit I have not read the previous works.  However, this one still has enough chuckles, laughs, and interesting things to make it well worth the read by itself.

Normally, I focus on the story elements, since I tend to read fiction, and to a smaller degree, even non-fiction should have some of the same feel.  Yes, there is a pace to this book that keeps you turning the pages wondering what’s going to happen next.  Each time she finds an answer to a problem, there are about four more problems cropping up in the wake of the first.  In this installment, Pam describes how she manages to keep her great attitude while tackling these new issues.

There is even a little bit of character development for the person behind the scenes writing this one.  As I mentioned, Pam finds herself fighting upstream when the raging torrent of events just wants to wash her away.  Rather than lose her temper, throw in the towel, and push out an unfinished piece of her life for public consumption, Pam instead chooses to use the challenges to reach for new personal heights.  Along the way, she discovers many new friends and acquaintances who help her make the next step.

The last element that I like to look at is the plot itself – what type of “ride” does it take you on.  For this one, it’s a gentle ride, but it does have its moments.  From wincing in sympathy to laughing at how Pam worked around what ever obstacle tried to bar her path, this installment keeps a light, jovial tone to carry the ideas.

Overall, I see this one as an easy 4 out of 5 stars.  Though I am an avid reader, this is not in my normal genre, so I will probably not return to re-read it.  It is well done, and I would recommend anyone looking for a light read to give it a try.



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