Book Review: Forever and Always

This is a historical fiction piece about a love story during the Civil War, the making of a family out of that love and union; and what happens to the family throughout.

When I received this book, I had no idea what genre it fell into.  I had met Christy on Facebook through the Books Go Social group, and we have had a short chance to visit prior to the discussion about my reviewing the book.  I admit, I did not remember to ask which genre, I just said “sure!” when the subject came up.  This is probably a good thing, since I typically avoid romance like the plague. However, this one is not like so many others I have come across. There is an actual story being told, the bedroom scenes are left behind closed doors, and the women are more than either objects or vindictive idiots. A very pleasant surprise.

By the time I did realize this was a romance, I was thoroughly hooked. The driving force of this story is a nice balance between character and plot, which keeps things moving along nicely. At times it slows down, but that does not detract from the tale itself. The characters are nicely developed, with flaws, warts, and virtues which makes each page its own frame to be savored. This is not a book to be devoured, but one to simmer and soak up.

I was a little surprised at the brevity, though the story itself is fully encapsulated within the covers. There are enough threads that remain unused that sequels will easily be able to pick up where this one left off.

Overall, this was a very good book, and I will freely give it four out of five stars.  The docked star is because there were a few places where the tapestry of the scene was just a touch bare, especially in the early pages. However, as the book progressed, the threads weaving the scenes became thicker, richer, and much fuller. It will be interesting to watch Christy grow in her skill just because she has such a shining example of work to start from.


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