Book Review: Splittsville

Jem and Nai may be twins, but as two halves of a split soul, they are as different as night and day. After losing their lives in a boating accident, the teens are recruited by Order to replace the recently departed Guardian of Blackbird. Their job? To protect and save the souls of the lost before they fall to the Discordant. A simple task under ordinary circumstances, but the town of Blackbird is far from ordinary. It would be bad enough if their arrival simply coincided with that of a wraith, a rare and nearly impossible to catch Discordant. But the teens must also contend with souls that won’t stay saved and adults who don’t trust them, all while keeping up the appearance of normal high school seniors. And just because the universe hadn’t finished piling it on, a local mystic reveals that the twins’ worst enemy may be each other. Jem and Nai soon discover that they are just as anomalous as the town they have been assigned to protect and can’t help but to question the supposed infallibility of the Creator. After all, who in their right mind would put the fate of the world into the hands of teenagers?

When Christina offered me the chance to read her second installment to the series, I gleefully jumped on it. I had just finished Past Life Strife and enjoyed it immensely. I figured I couldn’t go wrong with the second one. And, Christina did a wonderful job delivering on that. Fun, filled with laughter, and wonderfully memorable scenes, this book lingers on enticing me to come  back and read again and again. Even though I am running woefully behind in getting this posted, I still think back on some of the scenes and break out laughing from the snippets.

Fast paced, this tale takes you through the introduction of the new characters, lets you get to say “hi” to the original cast, all the while running wild down the white water rapids of teenage angst, distrust, and rebellion. The plot twists and turns a little, though with the definite “good” and “bad” sides having drawn the line in the sand, it is a touch predictable. The predictability is counterbalanced by the unpredictability of just what the “good” guys are going to do about it this time.

The character development of the established characters continues with new depths revealed to their personalities, their ability to weather the toughest times, and their parental natures. The new characters are a wonder of shiny newness, with a color and texture that sparkles at unexpected moments. Quite often, the sparkles turn into outright sparks, which left me chuckling as I poured through the pages.

The plot itself is well developed, having enough mystery to keep you guessing how everything gets to the anticipated resolution. This one definitely is definitely carried by the journey to the ending, rather than the mystery of how it will end. Again, Christina stays with the motif of her first book – not everything is what it seems, though. She does throw an interesting plot kink in right at the end. You just have to read it to find out what it is.

Now, there’s only one thing left – waiting on the third book to be finished. I still want more!  Overall, I gleefully give this one a five out of five stars.

If you’r intrigued, then head over to Amazon here to pick up your copy today.

If you missed the review of Past Life Strife the first book in the series, you can go here to read it.



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