Author Interview: Hunter Marshall

Welcome back for another author interview.  Today, Hunter Marshall has stopped by to visit with us.  We’ve had a chance to talk briefly through Facebook, and from the little I’ve learned, this is a very interesting lady to get to know.  Without further interruptions, Hunter, why don’t you get us started with a little about your history?

  • I was born 3 months early with a disability and the doctors told my parents I wouldn’t live, that if I did I wouldn’t amount to anything. My mom, of course, believed I was more than my disability so she pushed and prodded til I reached my full potential. In my family it was either keep up, or eat dust. I have 6 siblings and always fought to keep up with the older ones. I got married and had a baby, something the doctors said would be impossible, survived domestic violence and adultery, played the single-mom game while going to school to get my BS in Social Work. Got remarried in 2008, had my daughter in 2009 and right after that was put on disability due to my already failing physical and mental health (I suffer from Cerebral Palsy, PTSD, Anxiety and Depression). I then decided that, just because I couldn’t do Social Work in the traditional sense, didn’t mean I couldn’t use it so I started writing “Wake Up! Based on a true story of abuse and betrayal” as a form of helping me heal.

Wow, definitely a survivor story in that one.  Do you remember when you knew you wanted to be a writer, and what sparked you to start writing?

  • I knew I wanted to be a writer as soon as I could read. I began writing short stories throughout my childhood and by the time I was 25 had 300 plus, but they, along with most of my personal items were burned by a man that hates me.
  • I was in third grade and we were asked to write a story. All I can remember is the title was “Pierre the Crawfish”
  • I really didn’t [consider myself a writer] until I saw “Wake Up! Based on a true story of abuse and betrayal” in print the other day
  • [I wrote] wanting to heal from my past; come to terms with it and to be able to help my son as well

When you are writing, do you have a personal style you write in, or is it more free-form as the story dictates?

  • [I write free-form.] I would say things that could or already do happen in real life

That is understandable.  Are you drawing from your own experiences, or do you incorporate those you’ve heard of from others as well?

  • my own life
  • All of it [the book is realistic] — only the names, dates, and places have been changed to protect privacy

Making those changes is perfectly understandable.  Especially when you’re telling a not-so-pretty story.  Do you have any favorite books that have influenced your life, or authors you look up to as mentors, even if you haven’t met them?

  • Those with a real life story that can help others
  • Rachel Ann Nunes
  • I don’t have a favorite author. There are so many I love to read and so many new ones I’ve found

I’m sure there is a story behind your title.  Do you mind sharing it?

  • I had a lot of people where I live ask me “Do people really do that?” so I want to wake people up that yes, this happens far, far too much and we need to be looking for the warning signs

Is there a message you’ve written into your book then?

  • Yes. That healing is possible from these kinds of things; You don’t “get over it”, you “get through it”

Have you found any new authors you enjoy?

  • Amy Harmon

Did you receive any support outside your immediate family while you were writing Wake Up! Based on a true story of abuse and betrayal?

  • My editor and friend Andrea Strand

Are you reading anything right now, or are you caught up in your current project?

  • [I’m reading] “Ferel” By Anne Berkley

Any plans for the future that you can share with us?

  • After 3 years of blood, sweat and tears (literally),“Wake Up! Based on a true story of abuse and betrayal” is now available on paperback and ebook!
  • I am currently deciding whether to do a sequel to “Wake Up! Based on a true story of abuse and betrayal” or leave it a a stand alone and change routes– sad thing, I don’t think I can change routes. This is where my heart lies.
  • It’s in my head at the moment as I am still hashing out the story line.
  • I’m also looking at writing children’s books

What challenges did you have to face and over come when you were writing your story?

  • Keeping my emotions in check
  • Reliving every little detail of my past
  • [Learning that] healing is possible, but you will never get over the trauma, but you can get through it

From your own journey, do you see writing as your career now?

  • yes and no
    • yes, because I believe I have something that needs shared
    • no, because even if I only help one person, then Wake Up! wasn’t for nothing.

If you had to start over, knowing what you do now, would you change anything about your journey?

  • No.

For your current book, did you design the cover, or did you work with someone else?

  • I did, with the help of my dad who took the picture

And, now the big question most writers hate to hear:  Do you have any advice for others who are starting out?

  • Keep going. Write, write and write some more

Hunter, thank you so much for coming out today.  I have enjoyed getting a chance to talk to you and get to know you a little better.  Do you have any last words for our readers before I close out the interview?

  • Anything is possible, if you want it bad enough

Very true words.  Thank you for sharing your courage and personal strength to show that there is life after abuse.

If you would like to connect with Hunter, you can find her on Amazon here, her blog here, or Facebook here.  If you would like to get a copy of Wake Up! Based on a true story of abuse and betrayal, this link will take you to Amazon where you can pick up a copy.

Mark your calendars, Hunter will be returning to start the week off for us with a character interview.  She’ll be bringing Grey Andrews with her.

If you enjoyed this interview, and would like me to host an author interview for you, please stop by my Offered Services page, and send me a submission.

Happy writing everyone!


2 thoughts on “Author Interview: Hunter Marshall

    1. I’ve got another one I should be posting a review for that complements this. It’s by Tanya Simons over at the Horror Labyrinth. Considering the career I’m heading into, This one has definitely hit my “need to get” list. If only to give me another insight into what some people survive.


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