Character Interview: Kamama Marjani

A long forgotten corpse… Discovered by Bethany and Megan, the mummified body, located in a National Forest; brings FBI forensic specialist David Harrison to remote Riverview, Colorado. Bullets fly… Bullets and a blizzard force Kam and David to seek shelter and spend the night in an abandoned cabin where they discover evidence about murder, extortion and blackmail from the 1930’s. Mysteries and romance… As romance develops between the couple, they discover the connections. Together, Kam and David share Native American heritage, experience danger and pain, and finally a murder attempt against Kam. Can David save her before it’s too late? Will the shared danger help them to build a lasting relationship, or will the secrets between them keep them apart?

Kasey, welcome back.  Who do you have with you today?

  • Kamama Marjani [from] Skeleton Trail

Nice to meet you Kamama.  By any chance, do you have a nickname?

  • Kam

Thanks, Kam.  To get us started, can you tell us anything about your family?

  • Mother was Native American and Dad was from South Africa. Both are deceased.

Sorry to hear that.  What about where you were born and grew up?

  • 1980’s USA
  • Rural America

Do you have any surviving family?

  • Brother

What type of work do you do, after growing up in the country?

  • Nurse for small medical practice.

Do you enjoy working there?

  • Yes!

When you are talking to someone, how do you describe your personality?

  • Reserved professional but, open and relaxed when not at work.

If someone, perhaps an enemy, were to complement you, how would you respond?

  • Since I have yet to realize they are an enemy, I would say “Thank You” as good manners require.

What about the opposite – what if a friend insulted you?

  • You are entitled to your opinion…but it’s wrong.

::Nods::  Definitely need that professionalism in the office.  But, it’s always nice to be able to let your hair down sometimes, too.  Outside of work, are you seeing anyone?

  • I just met this cute FBI Forensic Specialist. His mother was Native American too and he seems interested.
  • FBI Forensic Specialist David Harrison, Megan, Aaron are working with me to solve the old murder and find out who doesn’t want it solved.

Murder?  Does this mean you have enemies?

  • [Yes.] The killer of Caleb and whoever is trying to stop us from investigating the long ago murder.

Do you have any plans for the immediate future, or are you wrapped up in this case?

  • Find out who is shooting at us.

With everything else boiling up around you to reveal past secrets, do you have any secrets you are trying to keep hidden?

  • I had to leave my last job because I reported a doctor for sexually abusing a patient and he made my professional life hell.

That’s a big one all right.  Does this create a constant fear for you?

  • [Yes. I’m scared that] my current employer will learn about the allegations lodged against me by the doctor I reported.

It sounds like your life has gotten very interesting recently.  If you could, would you change anything about yourself, or about the situation?

  • More patience with situations and better ability to understand others.

What about becoming another animal?  Have you ever dreamt about that?

  • Horse, preferably a wild one – Brave spirit, fast and beautiful.

Do you have any accomplishments that you can use to brighten the dark times you are going through?

  • I have common sense and the ability to survive in the woods and that my horse is fast as well as smart.

Those are definitely things to hold onto.

Kasey, thank you again for stopping by and bringing Kam with you.  Kam, it has been a pleasure to meet you.  I have enjoyed talking with you.


If you have enjoyed the interview, and wish to connect with Kasey, she can be found on her website here, twitter here, Amazon here, and on Facebook here.  (For the Facebook connect, please use the link.  She notes there are several Kasey Rileys listed, and it will save you some hassle from having to verify the one you are connecting with belongs to the Books Go Social groups and the high school attended was Boise High.)



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