Character Interview: Bethany Wilcox

Wrong place, wrong time… A chance encounter in a highway rest area makes shy, drab Bethany witness to a murder. Before dying the victim begs her to get documents from his Post Office box to his son, Roger. Can she manage to do as he asks? Does she have the needed courage to change her looks and hide in plain sight while accomplishing this task? Roger Meadows has spent five years mourning the loss of his young wife. Now, there’s a new woman working at the Co-Op. She makes him smile and soon he realizes she needs his protection. From whom he doesn’t know, but he’s determined to discover who is after this red headed pixie. Together Bethany and Roger face danger while sorting through the evidence and working to discover the identity of the mastermind behind the murder of his father. Will the danger they share help them to create a lasting relationship? Can they stay ahead of the villain? This novel is not only a mystery with a shade of romance, it is a look into the world of endurance riding and racing, horse care, the spirit of the sport and the values of small town and rural America. The close knit feel of Riverview and the citizens who know and care about neighbors, old and new, reveal how things should be in all towns, not just small ones.








Welcome back for another character interview.  Today we’ll be talking with Bethany Wilcox from Kasey Riley’s Desperate Endurance.  To get us started, Bethany, why don’t you tell us a little about where you were born.

  • 1980’s USA
  • Rural America

Short and to the point.  Is this a reflection of your overall personality?

  • [Yes.  I am] somewhat shy and unassuming unless on horseback, then confident and bolder.

Before we get too much further, I’d like to ask a rather personal question.  When you’re approached by someone – friend or enemy – and they complement you, how would you respond?

  • Since I have yet to realize they are [or may be] an enemy, I would say “Thank You” as good manners require.

What if they insulted you instead?

  • What did I do to bring on this? I’m sorry if you are offended.

Do you have any enemies due to your boldness, or are you struggling against someone else?

  • [We are trying to find]  the mastermind who ordered the murder of Richard Meadows and who is trying to keep Roger and I from solving the murder.

Do you have any allies to help you solve the case?

  • Roger Meadows, son of the murder victim, and all of the residents of Riverview who are helping to keep me hidden from the mastermind.

Do you have any immediate wishes you’d like to see come true?

  • Find out who is ordering the thugs who are trying to keep me from talking.

::Chuckles::  I probably should have guessed that, after hearing Kasey talk about your stories the other day.  One thing I she didn’t mention, though.  Do you have any siblings?

  • No

Besides riding endurance challenges, what do you do for a living?

  • Currently self-employed, writing articles as I drive around the USA with my horses.

Do you enjoy your work?

  • Yes!

Do you have time to see anyone special with all the traveling you’re doing?

  • Not since my divorce, but I haven’t given up hope. The son of the murder victim, Roger Meadows could be interesting – so long as he isn’t involved in the murder.

That does sound like things have gotten just a little uncomfortable for you in your life.  Do you ever play “I wish I was”, where you choose any creature in the world to be?  If so, what creature would you pick?

  • Horse – self-sufficient in the wild with amazing athletic abilities and survivalist attitude.

Do you have any deep secrets you can share with us?

  • I’m hiding from the thugs who I saw murder Richard Meadows, and my hair is not normally red.

Do these secrets tie into your deepest fears?

  • [Yes.  I’m scared that] the thugs will catch me.

That would make things just a little uncomfortable.  What thoughts do you use to help counter your fears while on the road?

  • That I can write well enough to make a living while traveling and competing.

Definitely a bright spot, and good for you!

Bethany, it was fun having you here.  Thank you so much for coming out, and talking with us today.  Kasey, thank you again for stopping  by.


If you have enjoyed the interview, and wish to connect with Kasey, she can be found on her website here, twitter here, Amazon here, and on Facebook here.  (For the Facebook connect, please use the link.  She notes there are several Kasey Rileys listed, and it will save you some hassle from having to verify the one you are connecting with belongs to the Books Go Social groups and the high school attended was Boise High.)

If you are interested in either of Kasey’s books, you can go here for Skeleton Trail, and here for Desperate Endurance.



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