Book Review: Naked News for Indie Authors – How NOT to Invest Your Marketing $$$

In this new book “Naked News for Indie Authors: How NOT to Invest Your Marketing $$$” marketing expert, email evangelist, and indie author Gisela Hausmann reveals how indie authors can avoid wasting time and money. She also offers free and/or cheap alternatives to many common marketing methods and myths. The book includes five helpful illustrations. Content: Overcoming your biggest disappointments The Flipside of this Wisdom Find a Publisher or Self-Publish Facts to Consider BEFORE Trying to Find a Publisher Direct Marketing E-Mails Can Lead to Making Great Business Contacts – Or Not! Newsletter Marketing “… Use a Template to Contact Book Reviewers and/or Book Bloggers…” “… Get as Many Reviews as Possible…” “… Hire a Publicist…” “… Get Book Reviews via Review Swaps…” “…To Succeed you Need to Find a Profitable Book Niche…” “… List a Giveaway on Goodreads and everybody Will Start Talking About Your Book…” Book Promotion Programs, Tools, or Products” “Where Should I Start?”

This book title may state “for Indie Authors”, but the information about marketing, and getting notice is applicable to ANYONE with a product or service that needs attention.  Gisela does a masterful job at breaking down most of the traps, pitfalls, and ambushes I have seen over the years – such as that oh-so-cleverly-written, I’ve-got-to-answer-it-now email from the stranger who promises to teach you how to turn your life into a money stream deeper than you’d ever dreamed to the carefully crafted saleswoman glued to your side at the convention who swears everyone else there is a joke, and she’s the only one with an answer.

There is quite a bit of needed information that up-and-coming authors, like myself, NEED to have in our hands about a month before we hit that big button that says “publish”.  How to get word out about what we’re doing, how to keep from becoming an absolute pest and driving away the help we so desperately need right up front, and above all – how to keep our pockets healthy.

Being a broke college student, and a financial miser, to begin with had already sent me down the road to saying “no” to many of the traps and financial sinks listed.  However, it also meant that I did not have the needed tools to make things work.  This book helps to explain, and if you can read between the lines, how to set up an effective marketing strategy.  I’ve a list of bookmarked sites a mile long that I think just became obsolete because this is such a concise bundle of information.

Yes, I’m glowing and raving.  Mostly because I have been slogging down the path of making time effort equal paid for efforts, and the conversion rates haven’t been so hot.  (10 hours of effort have been worth about $5.00 of paid effort.  I knew something wasn’t right in that equation.)  There is not an explicit marketing outline held inside these covers, but the information should help balance that conversion rate once I understand it.

The no frills, no fluff approach Gisela takes to presenting her information makes it an easy read to negotiate, and helped me isolate a few of the areas in my own efforts where I was just blindly scattershotting my efforts, rather than pinpoint focusing on a target.  Is this an instant fix to ensure I hit those targets the first time?  Nope.  That comes with practice.  However, it does provide an example of what “form” to use when I set up to go after the target next time.

Do I recommend this for other authors?  You bet you pants I do!  Even if you’ve been in the game a while, unless you’re already running down the marketing road a shoestring budget and getting the outstanding results you deserve, you’re probably spending too much.  If you’re just starting out, this is probably one of the biggest recommendations I could give you for setting up your marketing.

Overall, this book well deserves every star it can get.  Definitely a 5 out of 5 for me.  Easy to read, clear words make understanding the concepts a snap, and a life line to those struggling over how to get started, make their marketing more streamlined, and generally helping authors, or any start ups, keep their money where it belongs – in their hands for necessary activities, rather than swirling down the sinkhole of over-priced, ineffective marketing strategies.  Thanks Gisela!


If you liked the book review, and wish me to review your work, please stop by my Offered Services page, and send me a submission.  I’ll be glad to consider almost any book.

Happy writing everyone!


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