Book Review: Why Does My Book Not Sell

Does your book sell as well as it deserves? If it doesn’t, one of twenty blocks may hinder its sales—blocks you can easily remove once you’re aware of them. Sell more books! Each chapter reveals one area where indie authors are sabotaging their books’ success, and shows how you can free yourself from that trap. Whether you want to sell 100,000 copies or would be happy with just 100, this guide helps you raise your book above the hundreds of thousands of titles competing for attention. All strategies are proven and ethical – no cheating, no aggressive methods, no hype. Many authors who’ve used this guide for a few weeks already report a significant increase in sales.


When I finished through this book, I had a reaction I was totally not expecting.  I actually felt relief.  I’m still new to the publishing and marketing game, and I know that much of what I do is either ineffective, or outright counterprodutive.  Or, at least I thought that’s what was happening.  I’ll admit, I’m not seeing the results I’d like to, but I’m at least seeing some results.  And, when I finished Rayne’s book, I saw a very bright light that was very close.

This is a no-frills approach to cleaning up your marketing, and Rayne provides examples from her own experience of what does (and commonly) does NOT work.  As someone who’s uncertain about the marketing plans that nebulously float around in my head, I was very grateful that at least the raw, unformed ideas I’ve been working from will provide a solid foundation as I move forward.  But, this book is so much more than just marketing plans.  Rayne starts from the most basic principles, such as the cover and book description, and then moves through the other points of interest for readers, agents, and publishers.

Though it is written for the self-published, or indie published author, there is a large amount of information hidden within the pages that is also applicable for those seeking to go the traditionally published route as well.  In fact, there is so much information contained within the book I know I haven’t digested it all yet in my mind.  This is a multi-purpose tool with many applications.  Throwing a lifeline out for those of us who are just starting to wade in the waters of the published world and who have been swept away from the basics by the strong current of “you must do this, that, the other NOW” while providing the fine-work tools for more experienced authors who just want to refine (and improve) their sales figures.

One thing this is not – a promise to show you every short cut on the market (and admits there are no ethical short cuts to the hard work, and leg work), nor is it a promise of overnight success.  (Though, again, if any of the things mentioned in this book ARE problem areas, and you manage to get them fixed, then you might see that happen.)

Overall, this is definitely a tool that authors should have in their tool boxes to use when things aren’t going as well as they’d like.  Definitely a 5 out of 5 stars from me.


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Happy writing everyone!


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