Small brag, Huge thank you

Thank You Award


If you follow me on twitter, you’ve probably seen some of my other gem awards.  This one I’ve been saving for a special occasion, and today just “felt” right.

I don’t normally look at the numbers, because that’s not important to me.  Well, not high on the importance list, at least.  I’m more concerned with quality, and how much I feel I’m helping others.  So, when I paused to see the actual stats I was floored.

This blog is a little under a year old, and while it’s not a raging meet-and-greet like some of the older ones are, I think I can safely say there is a little bit to smile about.  I’ve broken through the 2000 followers mark, and am steadily climbing.  It is thanks to all of you who stop by to visit, leave a like (and the occasional comment), and who have supported me while I bumbled around figuring out which way I wanted to go.

I do see that of the 2200+ followers, most are not WordPress folks.  That makes my smile even bigger.  I know WordPress has a massive presence in the blogosphere, yet I also know there are so many other platforms I probably have not heard of.  With everyone who helps spread the word, I know that there is a interconnected web of interest forming, of which I help provide a strand or two.

For myself, this is a big thing.  But, for those I am helping gain exposure through their interviews, book reviews, or reblogging, I think I can say an even bigger “thank you” to all of my blog followers.

Today’s post is not about me, or those I’ve been working with.  It’s about you.  I want to hear what you have to say about what you are finding here at Pukah Works.  (I do moderate comments just to make sure the spam doesn’t squeak through.)


10 thoughts on “Small brag, Huge thank you

  1. Wow that’s a lot of followers in a fairly short time period, I’m impressed, I haven’t quite climbed to those heady heights yet! It’s great how you do free promotional services, like author interviews and reviews. I do reviews too, and have the intention to do more author interviews….. Recently I’ve been swallowed up by writing/photography challenges, it’s nice how blogs can take you in all sorts of interesting and unexpected directions….

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    1. Completely agree. I admit, I learned about reaching out from Jason (The Opinionated Man who runs Harsh Reality). But, it’s also a personal quirk – I hate the limelight, but love helping others succeed.

      I can also understand about life swamping you with other things. I’m holing my own right now, but from time to time I get swamped under when school, life, and the blog all decide to surge at once. Usually, the blog will be the one I have to put on a back burner for a day or two while I handle the rest.

      As for growth – patience is the key. Steady work, and a regular schedule will go a long way to perking attention in your direction. I know I’m insanely busy – most weeks I have something new coming out every day. I think that’s part of what keeps things interesting around here, though I have seen others with similar growth who post once or twice a week.

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      1. Yes, I follow The Opinionated Man too… I’m quite happy for my blog to grow at the rate it is at the moment. I’d love to have more time to do more blogging but as it is I’m not devoting enough time to writing my novel !

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        1. I devote 2 days a week strictly for social media (setting up schedules, writing posts, or similar activities.) The rest of the week, I check in, answer replies, but the time is very limited. Except Facebook… that one I haven’t figured out how to limit yet. Mostly because of the study group there. That’s how I get away with the insane post schedule.

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          1. You sound very organised. I’m much more haphazard! Just tend to blog as and when I feel like it. There are a few things I try to join in fairly regularly like the haiku challenge, Ronovan Writes, and Writer’s Quote Wednesday, Silver Threading, etc.

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          2. One of these years I’ll admit to how I keep everything I’m juggling in the air, and not interfering with each other. Right, now, all I’ll admit is that things get a bit hectic on the weekends. Organized doesn’t quite fit into that scenario.

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    1. I try. I even branch into unusual (for me) genres. Guess that’s part of being a voracious reader. Now, if I can ever get the rest of my books reviewed. (Discounting the new books, the need to re-read pile is heading towards the half-century mark… EEP!)


    1. Thanks Brandy. I try. I may miss a day or two here and there, but I do try to keep everyone either smiling and laughing, or at least scratching their heads and thinking.


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