Character Interview: Keary Dunbarton

Welcome back again for another fun interview.  Tracy Rud has returned, and today she’s brining Keary Dunbarton with her from her book Sea Beggar.  Tracy, welcome back.  Keary, nice to meet you.

Keary, can you start us off with a little about who you are, and when you were born?

  • [I was born] On Montserrat, West Indies in 1705
  • My mother died in childbirth so I never knew her. My family did not approve of my father, as my mother was white and from a family of wealthy sugarcane plantation owners, and my father was an islander of mixed race.

That’s quite a jump in time to come in to visit us.  Are there any secrets you can share with us now, that you had to keep hidden in your own time?

  • I have recently discovered that the father I thought dead long ago is alive, and I have met him. I am with him now on his ship, the Sea Beggar. Upon learning that he is, of all things, a pirate, I resisted joining him. I am far from home and with no other current prospects, I made this choice. But, I fear that I may not live to see another day…

I know from what I have read, and heard, that the life of a pirate was not always the safest.  Does your fear come from a fear of the military, or high seas law, or from another source?

  • There is a faction of pirates, those who ally themselves with “Calico” Jack Rackham. They are out for blood and seek to take our salvaged treasure.

That could definitely make things a bit tense.  Why don’t you take as much time as you need to relax here before heading back?  That way, you can return rested, and ready to face the battles ahead of you.


Tracy, thank you for coming back by today.  Keary, it was nice getting to meet you.

I know I’m making this one a little short, but I think we can all agree – Keary deserves a chance to rest up before she returns to her own time.


If you would like to read her story, you can find it on Amazon here.  If you would like to connect with Tracy, you can find her on her website hereher blog hereon Facebook here, or on Twitter here.


If you enjoyed the interview, and wish for me to host one for you, please stop by my Offered Services page, and send in a submission.


And, make sure to mark your calendars.  Next week we have Marianne Scuicco coming in for another exciting author interview!

Until then, happy reading and writing!



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