Book Review: You Wish

After a scuffle with his sister smashes the bottle he found at the antique store, Jem becomes the not-so-proud owner of a wisecracking djinn who promises to make his every dream come true. The cost? Nothing less than his soul. But Jem is no ordinary agent and falling to Chaos means bringing about the end of the world.

Meanwhile, Desmond discovers that a crack in the barrier between realms has opened below the site of the old paper mill and grows wider each day. The solution to both problems may lie with Eller Raglund, a powerful, yet antisocial mystic. But before he can help, Eller must reconcile his own paradoxical problems.

One way or another, it seems Blackbird is going to become the battleground in the final fight for Order. The question is, how soon? And more importantly, will the gang survive long enough to see the grand opening of Big Royal Burger?





Long over due for the blog, but at least I don’t have to worry about Christina skinning me alive quite yet.  This went up on Amazon soon after the release of the book.

This is the third book in the series, and Christina doesn’t let you down. It picks up almost directly after the events of Splittsville, so for those familiar with the series, it will feel like you are only turning a page. For those who are just starting out in the series, there is very little introduction, which lets you dive straight into the story head first, but there may be a few points of confusion.

Since the world has already been pretty well developed in the first two books, I didn’t expect much new building to occur, yet Christina managed to throw a few surprises in. Instead of reinventing the “big picture”, she shone the spotlight on bits and pieces of the town, and brought these pieces into clearer focus.  this does cause the story’s focus shift around a bit to the new areas.  She does a wonderful job maintaining a single focus for each scene, rather than trying to focus on too many places all at once. Wonderful detailing, and even a few humorous surprises await as new layers to the town are revealed.

The main cast that was assembled in Past Life Strife, and later expanded with the twins in Splittsville continue to evolve and grow. A few times I wondered just whose side some of the “good” guys were on, and whose side the “bad” guys were on. In this book, the lines between the two side are blurred, which leads to another round of chuckles and laughter as each of the characters has to work through and sort themselves out of the mess they get tossed into.

As for the story itself? Best advice I can give is to buckle up, and hold onto your personal belongings. It’s a fast paced roller coaster of fun as the town explodes into a hotbed of danger. And, just because you know it has to survive does not necessarily mean you know how that survival will come about. This is a case of “did I understand that right, really?” for me as some of the solutions developed and were implemented.

Definitely a fun five out of five star read.  Almost makes you wonder what’s next.  We’ve had the good guys find themselves in several different tough situations, and each time it seems it can’t get any worse.  Yet, Christina always manages to not only prove that it can, but do so in a light hearted way that makes the shock of discovering just how bad it can be fun.


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