Character Interview: Baric

 Baric is one of the famous Rangers of Laerean, a group dedicated to protecting the people of the Lands of Hir. Assigned to a task with a beautiful and exotic Vaar’da assassin called Whisper, Baric promises to help her solve the mystery of her recurring nightmares that are eating away at her soul and filling her heart with fear and despair. The quest becomes more complicated when those nightmares lead them to an artifact of ublelievable power that threatens the entire world they live in.

The quest soon becomes a dangerous mission for the renowned Rangers as a small group undertake a mission into an area of Hir that men do not travel, where monsters roam and thrive. They must delve deep into the bowels of an active volcano, Mount Scorch, to stop the impending disaster that looms before them. Into the very heart of the territory ruled by the demonic Manenase.

The fate of their world depends upon the courage and skills of the group of Rangers and their Vaar’da companion. Can they survive the quest and stop the impending devastation? They must solve the mystery of … A Whisper In The Shadows.





Welcome, welcome.  Tom, welcome back.  I’m guessing this gentleman with you is Baric?

  • [Yes]

Welcome, and hello Baric.  Mind getting us started by telling us a little about yourself.

  • I was born in a small fishing village on the northern shores of Else. At least, that is what I am told. I don’t actually remember it.

Do you have any memories of your childhood, or as a young man?

  • I dreamed of being a Ranger most of my life. I loved the tales my Uncle used to tell me. The stories of the Rangers and their great adventures.

Did you achieve your dream? If so, do you enjoy being a ranger?

  • I am a Ranger of Laerean. Of course I like it.

I know in many military, or paramilitary, groups nicknames are given out that tend to stick.  Have you been given a nickname by your friends?

  • My close friends call me Bear. I suppose because of my size. The first to call me that was my friend, Arganwulf, another Ranger. It just caught on. Most say it fits because I am as big and cuddly as a bear. Honestly though? I don’t see it.

Maybe it’s from your personality?  Or do you describe yourself differently?

  • [I am a] friendly, jovial, and fun-loving. But when there is a task that needs to be done, I do it.

You’re right. It does seem a bit strange.  Maybe Tom can answer the question when he tells your story.

Tom, thank you for stopping by again today, and  bringing Baric with you.  I’m not sure how fair it is to leave us hanging about why Baric is called “bear”, though I’m sure you answer it in A Whisper In The Shadows.


If you want to connect with him, you can find him through his website here, where he has a blog and forums for site members, and look forward to meeting those who read my books.  Or, you can find him on his YouTube Channel here, Facebook here, and Goodreads hereTwitter here.

If you enjoyed the interview, and wish me to host one for you, feel free to hop over to my offered services page, and send me a submission.  I’ll be glad to discuss details with you.

Next week, we have Amy-Beth coming in to visit, so be sure to come back on Friday for her interview.  Thank you everyone, and here’s wishing a wonderful week!




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