Book Review: Dissonant

 A mysterious threat stalks New Orleans at night, leaving a trail of dead bodies, whispered rumors of vampires, and a terrified police force who want nothing to do with any of it. When he becomes the first to survive an apparent vampire attack, Evan Conroy enlists the help of his best friends to find a rational explanation for the paranormal activity. But every answer unearths more questions, leading to the discovery that all is not as it seems.

Dissonant is a 15,000 word standalone story that takes place 20 years before the events of The Eyes of The Sun.









Having already sampled Christina’s work, I knew the quality of writing she had.  This led to some high expectations, and this was not a disappointment.

From the first pages, the story moved quickly to fill in the world, build the characters, and draw out the first twists of the plot.

Even though this is a short story (novella?) the story comes to a satisfactory close at the end.  There are some unanswered questions, but if you somehow miss the rest of the series, there is enough closure it’s not a constant ache of wonder.

Set in New Orleans, there is enough of the real city shining through cleverly woven with the alternate city I often wondered if I had missed seeing some of the oddities the two times I have been through there.  Then I remembered… this is an urban fantasy, not a historical fiction.  Yeah, the world building was that good.

The characters have a ton of depth and complexity.  Each is distinct in their own way, whether they are a main character or a background character.  From the CEO of a major corporation to the employees at the bottom of the corporate ladder, I felt that I could reach out on several occasions and just shake their hands.  (Even the electronics at times had personalities – a phone acting up, an elevator panel, the works.)

The supernatural elements had enough explanation to not only make them plausible, but realistic.  Yes, this is a vampire story – but it is not your typical vampire story.  Once you scratch the surface, it is as interesting to discover the uniqueness about the vampires as it is to discover just what else this tightly woven roller coaster ride is going to throw at you next.

Definitely a five out of five star for me, and I wish there were more to give.  I try not to binge read because it can make it hard to keep track of what happens in which story for the reviews, but this one was so well done, I forgot my own recommendation.  Way to go!


If you enjoyed the review, and wish to find out more, you can pick up your copy of Dissonant here on Amazon.


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