Book Review: The Eyes of The Sun

 New Orleans certainly has no shortage of vampire legends and after a few months in the French Quarter, Lucy Soriano was sure she had heard them all. But when a date with a handsome stranger takes a deadly turn, she quickly discovers that the truth is more terrifying than fiction. Lucy learns that the real monsters are the creations of evolutionary advantage, not vivid imaginations.

But vampires aren’t the only ones with evolution on their side. An anomaly in her blood is found to be fatal to vampires and Lucy is swiftly recruited into shadow organization hell bent on eliminating the vampire problem once and for all. Vampirehunting does not come naturally and Lucy’s dangerous improvisations are quickly called out by Andre Garnier, a hunter who makes no secret of the fact that he opposes Lucy’s recruitment.

Soon it is discovered that The Eyes of The Sun, the oldest and most dangerous collective of vampires, are once again gaining ground and have infiltrated the very organization that is trying to stop them. The hunters have become the hunted and no one is to be trusted. Lucy and Andre are forced to set aside their differences for the sake of survival, but The Eyes of The Sun have an agenda that no one expected.




This was the second book in the binge read, and what a binge it was.  It picks up 20 years after Dissonant, and carries on with the same quality of writing as the prequel.  The expanded cast is introduced quickly, and then developed throughout with the result of having a wonderfully diverse and complex set of characters to work with.  Not everything is sweetness and light, which adds a layer of reality I find missing in many stories with this size cast.  And, the issues that come up between the characters are not just plausible, they are the same types of issues you see everyday in reality.

The setting continues to be embellished with little snippets of new ideas, abilities, or dangers, yet each one encountered is fully set up to maintain the plausibility.  In this installment, the tapestry isn’t being woven from scratch (at least, not if you’ve read Dissonant first), but rather expanded upon.  There is a depth and richness to the work that tells you Christina has either lived in New Orleans, or at the very least done lots and LOTS of homework about the city.

Getting into the plot and pacing – wow.  Roller coaster of excitement, suspense, and relief doesn’t cover it all.  Each character has a place in the weaving, and each of those places creates a thread that binds this story together into a bright tapestry of action, adventure, a touch of love, and a lot of mystery.  The revelations are hard won by the cast, and not always the big victory you would expect after the effort they had to put out to make the victory happen.

Definitely a five out of five stars on this one.  It was good enough I forgot to come up for air before I dove into the next.


If you’ve been intrigued by the twist on vampires, I highly recommend heading over to Amazon here and picking up a copy.


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