Author Interview: Amy Beth


Once again, I welcome everyone.  Today we’re chatting with Amy Beth who has traveled all the way from Wigan, England to visit with us today.

Amy, why don’t you get us started with a little about yourself and where you come from?

  • I live with my partner of 9yrs and he is my bestfriend. Life is always laughs and banter between us and his family who are all close. Even though I class writing as my full-time employment, I do not see it as a job. I still work in my retail job part-time….although I hope it isn’t much longer.

Sounds like you’ve got a plan, and are well on your way.  Mind if we back up a little, and talk about what got you started writing?

  • I was inspired by Sandi Lynn and her Forever Trilogy. Plus I always wrote, I just never shown [sic] anyone.
  • A close friend of mine read something I had written. She demanded me to publish it…so I did. I am thankful for her encouragement.
  • My friends pushed me to write my first book. However everyday life problems became the inspiration for writing the story.
  • I’m not sure I … consider myself a writer…it’s something I love doing, I find it ecxtremeley relaxing.

Going back to your comment about your writing.  Do you see it as your career as you move forward with your life?

  • I would love it to be, although as I said earlier it is not a job to me. This is something I love doing, I completely loose myself within the story no-one hears or sees me for days.

So, what are you plans for the future?  Do you have anything you can share?

  • At this moment I have so many ideas popping around my head. Wyatt which is Book 3 in the Mistaken Series will be my next release, followed by an untiled short story for an anthology.
  • Book 3 in my Mistaken Series … maybe a little later than planned, but I am sure it will be more than worth it.
  • [Excerpt from Wyatt]
    • ‘ “Wyatt, come on bro get up! Get the fuck up bell-end, I need you….I need you!” He cries out, finally admitting defeat.Fuzzy images form in my head, voices all blur into each other. I have no idea what is real and what isn’t. Slowly my eyes open to reveal a sorry looking Bailey, staring at me. The fear in his eyes of being alone, getting up I bring him into my arms. Not caring that we look like idiots hugging it out, I’m showing him that I am here for him as he was for me all those years ago, when my nightmare became real.“I got you bro, I got you” ‘

You mentioned Sandi Lynn inspired you.  Do you see her as a mentor figure, or is there someone else?

  • Raine Storm, he is always there if I have any questions. I am pretty close with Raine, and I don’t think I would have gotten this far without any of his help. He is an amazing writer, person and friend.

Did his books influence your writing?

  • This is a tough question,  I have so much love for many books, I can’t just pick one.

With such a wide range of interests, have you developed a unique writing style, or are you influenced by your favorites?

  • I just go with what flows for me at that particular point. The characters tell me the stories and I just write them down and tag along for the ride.

::Chuckles::  I know that feeling all too well.  Do your books also provide you with the titles, or do you have to come up with your own method of selection?

  • I always knew it was going to be called, Mistaken Identity. It hit me like a sack of potatoes when a vision of my cover and title just hit me.

When you are writing, do the stories let you include anything, such as some selected realism or personal experiences, or do they take over, and do what they want?

  • Each of my characters are based on the attitudes of people I know. I’m not sure they have picked up on that fact.
  • It’s a bit of both I would say. There are situations that have happened to me or how I have felt in the past. There are also situations that I know have happened to those who are aound me.

What about messages for your readers to find.  Have you hidden any in your work?

  • Never give up hope, even though life can deal you one shitty hand…there will always be those you can count on around you who will never let you fail.

With the busy life of writing and working, do you ever get a chance to read?

  • I am about to start on the amazing Sandi Lynn’s newest novel A love called Simon.

I’m guessing that Sandi is your favorite author then.

  • I love her work…I can get lost in any of her stories they are AMAZING.

What about new authors?  Anyone catch your attention?

  • There are so many who have some amazing work out right now. K E Taylor, Keren Hughes, Elena Matthews, L A Cotton, Cassandra P Lewis etc.. way too many to list/

You said you live with your partner, and I’m sure he has to be supportive, or you wouldn’t have gotten to where you are.  Are there any others who have supported you along the way?

  • I can’t name one their was 4 ladies in my life who supported me from the get go. Lisa Walker, Rivonia Chetty, Hayley Barlow and Line Nielsen.

In your writing, if you were to start over today from the beginning with everything you’ve learned to date, would you change anything?

  • I love my books, I’m more than happy with the way they turned out. I’m not sure I would change them….perhaps maybe a little less graphic? Having said that, this is what makes mine different from others.

::Smiles::  That seems to be a theme among writers who are the story’s mouth and hands.  When the stories let go, you have a very satisfyingly told tale in your hands.  However, I’m sure there were challenges you had to over come, and many lessons you learned along the way.  Can you share any of those?

  • I do doubt myself at times when the stories have gone a completely different way from what I originally thought. Take Wyatt’s book for instance…I have been questioning myself if I have taken the story too far into the past.
  • Writing the rape scene [was a tough challenge], I truly made it graphic and real for the reader. It’s such a taboo subject and people have found it hard to read, but I believe it was the right thing to do…maybe I could tone it down a little.
  • [I have learned to] believe in myself a little more, after all I am my own worst enemy.

I’ve peeked at your Amazon page, and saw the stunning collection of covers you’ve got.  Did you design them yourself, or work with someone else?

  • My covers have been designed by different people,  I have come to find one person I love working with and that is 3 Little Owls Cover Design & Formatting.

Wow.  Your artists have done a wonderful job.  The covers look like they were designed by the same hand.

Now, we come to the big question.  What advice would you give to other new authors?

  • Write from your heart, don’t let those who hate get to you. You will drive yourself crazy otherwise.

Very true words.

Amy, thank you for stopping by today.  Any last words for our readers and your fans as we wrap up your visit?

  • Simply thank you, I really can’t say it enough. You are all awesome and I truly am grateful you have given me a chance to share my stories and the Characters that make them.

And thank you, Amy, for taking time out of your busy schedule to come by.


If you enjoyed the interview, and wish to connect with Amy, you can find her here on Facebook, and here on Amazon. If you google her, you may find her website, but she says she doesn’t always keep it current.

If you enjoyed the interview, and wish me to host one for you, please stop by my offered services page, and send me a submission.  I will be glad to discuss details with you.








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