Book Review: Bluebeard’s Children

 Lucy Soriano’s life is falling apart. Working for the outreach was supposed to be rewarding, but convincing modified vampires to go against their programming was no easy task. Even worse, after a misunderstanding sends Andre jetting off to Europe without so much as a goodbye, the nightmares about her abduction in Paris have gotten worse.
When she encounters a teenage girl who appears to share her deadly secrets, Lucy learns of a plantation where children are hunted by vampires as sport. Now Lucy must travel deep into the bayou to track down and stop the monster responsible. But before she can put an end to Bluebeard’s deadly game, she must first save the one who holds the key to her own mysterious existence.

Bluebeard’s Children is the second book in the series, The Eyes of The Sun

This book contains some violent scenes and mild sexual situations, and is reccommended for readers over the age of 16.






I’m cheating, so this is copied straight from Amazon. Trying to catch up with my review list.

While this story is self-contained, it does pick up from where Eyes of The Sun stops. The cast has a few expansions for this one, and each of them are given a brief time in the spotlight as they are deftly woven into the overall tapestry of intrigue, corruption, suspense, and surprises.

The world building continues to remain rich and very in depth as the story moves away from New Orleans into the northern part of the state. I especially loved a couple of the scenes that described how the cast moved from one point to another, as the areas under Christina’s lens had a similar effect on me when I traveled through Louisiana. It was wonderful to see very realistic reactions.

The character development also continues to keep pace with the quality of the story telling. Even down to the quarrels over minor things that are blown out of proportion, or the grumpy attitudes as characters are ordered to do things they don’t always consider fair. With the fantasy elements deftly woven in to the created reality, it was almost as much fun guessing who was going to be storming off in a huff this time as it was trying to guess what else was going to go wrong next.

Within the plot itself, were enough twists and turns that I wondered at times how Christina kept it all straight, much less managed to keep all the loose ends together long enough to tie them up neatly as things wound down in the last chapter. It was definitely a roller coaster ride of fun while I was reading, and left me eager do dive straight into the last book.


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