Book Review: Mother of Darkness

With the Eclipse project disbanded and the government still keeping secrets, the former hunters are co-opted into the outreach effort aimed at convincing the mods to change their ways. Lucy Soriano is pleased that the focus has shifted from killing vampires to saving them, but soon learns that some of the hunters are having a harder time transitioning than others. Even worse, the organization is thrown into chaos when an unknown enemy begins targeting vampires and making threats against the hunters, and Lucy finds herself inexplicably suffering from a mysterious illness.
Piecing together the puzzle out of false leads and whispered rumors just leaves Lucy with more questions than answers. Is the government behind the attacks or are The Eyes of The Sun once again on the rise? Or is New Orleans in danger of falling to a new and unknown power? But most importantly, will Lucy survive long enough to discover the truth?









Wow, what a terrific way to wrap up a series. The past has come back to haunt the present (as it should in any good vampire story) but with a unique twist.

Rifling out of the gate, this installment picks up from where Bluebeard’s Children left off, and picks up even more steam along the way as it ricochets through the science behind what makes this story so much fun.

Every character introduced along the way (who is still living) is brought in for a farewell performance, and a few new ones are added. Many of the personality quirks that have been carefully nurtured along the way come to a head and are either resolved or seen for what they are – quirks, not flaws.

There is a definite feel of “good vs. evil” in this installment that has been mostly absent up to this point, as much of the tale lives in the grey area between the two extremes. This leads to questioning several times who’s on which side of the divide before the end.

The world is fully mature, so there isn’t much world building going on – a few new places, but those are almost all at the very end. They get enough description you get a feel for where they are, but not much else. (Forgivable, as this IS the last installment of the series… for now.)

The plot continues to snake its way through the fun and difficult times with the stakes being raised higher and higher as it barrels towards the conclusion. As you come to the end, and the final reveals begin to happen, you can feel the breaks being applied so you come to a gentle stop with the last page, rather than being slammed back into reality to wonder what just happened.

Overall, this has been an excellent read, fun adventure, and one I look forward to returning to in the future. (Once I catch my mental breath from the binge it caused.) Well done Christina, VERY well done!  A definite 5 out of 5 stars.

If you enjoyed the review, and wish to get your own copy, head over here to Amazon.  (Believe me, I doubt you’ll be disappointed.)

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