Character Interview: Rebecca

What if we choose to see beyond what our eyes could not see? What would we find? What would we experience? What magic would we uncover? How far would our dreams take us if we really believed? My name is Rebecca and I’ve lived my whole life searching. I wanted to express myself to the world in forms of art and music; I wanted to fill my heart with a love that wouldn’t expire; I wanted to share a joy with a family that loved me; I wanted to feel happy, I mean really find true happiness. At first, I’ve given up these things, assuming they were far out of my reach—until a spark of hope was revealed to me, a hope that’s inspired me to pursue my childhood passions and make my dreams into reality. My days of emptiness are over! At last the time has come for me to come alive!









Welcome back everyone.  Today, Adam Lynch is returning, and he has brought a special guest with him.  Adam, why don’t you introduce her?

  • [This is] Rebecca, The Lost Girl.

Rebecca, do you have a nickname you’d preferred to be called?

  • I’ve had nicknames in the past, but they were never good ones…

Then we’ll just call you Rebecca.  That is a lovely name.  Can you start us off with a little bit about your past, or where you are from?

  • I don’t want to talk about that…
  • I do not like to think of the past…As of this day, I’m only moving forward.
  • I made some choices in the past that I’m not proud of, but I try my best to be a good person.

What about your parents or siblings?

  • [My parents], they were not good people…
  • I wish I did [have siblings]…I’ve been alone for so long…

I know Adam likes to weave fantasy into the tales he helps his characters tell, has he helped you with any special gifts?

  • I, myself do not possess any supernatural powers, but the god I’ve dedicated my life to gives me all the supernatural powers I need. He gives me strength and eternal happiness…

It’s always nice to have Someone there to lean on.  Does knowing that you’ve got the extra support from your god help when life turns up the pressure on you?

  • I’m not actually good with pressure…my friends L, Amy, Seth and Michael have been a huge help for me on that aspect. I play the violin very well but get very nervous playing in front of others.

Is it for fear of rejection, or are you naturally someone who prefers not to be the center of attention?

  • I’m shy, imaginative, observant, introvert, dreamy, sometimes insecure and other times strong and confident. I am confused about a lot of things but I’m constantly trying to make sense of why I’ve been put in this world.

That sounds about like most of the world.  You are in excellent company there.  Do you have any friends outside of your music group, or do you have trouble reaching out?

  • I try to, but every time I be myself and express my talents, everybody around me suddenly begins to hate me for it.

That makes it tough.  Do the others become enemies, or just distance themselves from you?

  • My main enemy is myself. Overcoming my own self-doubt and insecurity has by far been my greatest challenge.

Surely, you have someone who is helping with that?

  • My bandmates L, Amy, Seth, and Michael have been the only friends I’ve ever had. They are everything to me. They are like family and I wouldn’t give them up for anything!

See?  You do have a group who is helping.  Do they help you reach for your dreams?

  • I just want to express myself to the world. I want to be myself without having any reason to hold back.
  • I’m currently homeless, but my band and I are really excited about this music dream we have!

What do you do if someone you consider an enemy complements you?

  • Thank you! I actually talk to myself all the time, ha ha.

What about the opposite – one of your friends insults you?

  • I know they’re only teasing me…

Have you ever dreamed about being something else in the world?  If so, what?

  • I’d want to be an eagle, that way I can soar into the sky under the sun…I love the sun…every time I see it, it reminds me of him…
  • I’d want to be able to believe in myself more…like he does…

Have you ever considered looking for anyone you could spend your life with?

  • Just between you and I, I think I’m starting to have a crush on L. Don’t tell him though…
  • I’ve had boys kiss me before, but I was never able to feel anything from them. When I was little, I used to always dream about how amazing my first kiss would be. It wasn’t at all unfortunately, but with L things are different…I can’t explain it but I feel something powerful with him…I just know he’s going to give me the spark I’ve always searched for.

Is this a secret we should be keeping, or are you ready to let it out?

  • My gosh! (blushes) I think I already have!

With everything you’ve already talked about, is there something you fear even more?

  • Never being able to express myself…

Do you have any good thoughts or achievements that help counteract your fears?

  • I’m proud I met all my friends. I felt so alone and lost before I met them. They brought so much joy in my life and most of all, they saved me from myself. I will never forget they did that…never. I love them with all my heart!

Thank you Rebecca for visiting with us.  That’s the last question, and I hope you haven’t felt like we put you through the wringer.

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