Book Review: TV Apocalypse

 Mondays are hard enough for stay-at-home mom Daisy Danner. But this one is the worst: the world became a nightmare overnight, families being torn apart under an eerie attack. With her husband, Justin, missing and physical issues of her own, Daisy may have to raise her kids alone in this menacing new world. Even if Justin returns, he may be dangerous. The world outside is falling apart, and Daisy may be too. Can she hold it together to keep danger away from her family? Or will it all be too much?












When I was introduced to this book, it was in the Kindle Scout program, and so I left a request for those interested in reading to help it through the process.  Since then, it has been released out to Amazon.

This is a short-ish story, and quite fun.  There are pieces that remind me of Stephen King’s Cell.  However, that is not a bad thing.  There is a flavor in the tone of the story that resonates with the current terror heard on a regular basis through most of the major news outlets about Isis, and the troubles in the Middle East that are brought home to roost on American Soil.

The world building occurs gradually as the story progresses, pieces added into the delightfully heady brew of modern day suburbia with post apocalyptic responses.  As I read through, learning more about the behind the scene politics, and the honesty or bravery of the surviving residents, I had goosebumps developing because I could imagine not just what the characters were going through, but also situations that could cause the type of living environment they were encountering.  Even without the premise this story presents.   Kathleen Rovner either has a very wicked imagination, or has a very similar experience in her closet that she is drawing from.  And, that really brings the entire story home to roost.

The characters were an interesting mix.  They were believable to a degree that is uncanny for me.  Everyone has met the worrier that will worry themselves into an ulcer before they are 20, or the calm soul that nothing can rattle.  Even the overly active children were depicted in a way that let them step out of the pages into my life.  There is no real “good” or “bad” side to this tale, unless you count the situation that the cast is faced with, though I’m sure there will be more where this tale comes from.  And, there’s a few big hints that there is a group of bad guys out there, you just don’t get to meet them in this installment.

The pacing was brisk, and unhurried.  It took a little while for things to really ramp up, but I was hooked from the first few pages.  The set up took a little while, which was fine.  It ensured nothing really was rushed.

Overall, I really did enjoy this story.  Really enjoyed it.  However, I will caution that if you don’t enjoy unsettlingly real tales, this may not be the book for you.  Even without the cause of the TV apocalypse, there are still enough elements present that could come to pass, the tale may lead you to be a little paranoid for a few days.  Definitely a well deserved 5 out of 5 stars despite the thread that was left begging to be tied into the next book in the series.

If you would like to pick up a copy for yourself, I finally remembered to update the links (bad me, I know).  You can now find TV Apocalypse here:


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7 thoughts on “Book Review: TV Apocalypse

  1. Annabelle, thank you for wanting to read TV Apocalypse. If it is not picked it will be available on Amazon in about a week. If it is picked it may be a few months. If you want you can go to my website and sign up to my newsletter for information about this book. I don’t spam. I usually include release information, deleted scenes, or other fun things in it too about once a month. My site:

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    1. From what I understand, it’s been bumped to the short list under consideration to publish. The last I heard, it had started trending – which is a good thing (I think). But, if it doesn’t make it, Kathleen has everything set so she can send it through the indie publication channels. One way, or another, this story is going to get out.

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