Character Interview: Sophia


  • Sophia, who is filled with an unfathomable hatred for all males, has dedicated her life to eradicating every last one of them from the map permanently, but when she meets the pure-hearted Genesis, who stands against everything she’s ever known about males, this complicates her resolve. However, even as pure-hearted as Genesis may seem, he still has a share of his own flaws. Genesis and Sophia engage in several hostile encounters but each time they reach contact, an unknown energy sparks between them, and neither of them can comprehend what it is. Is it sexual attraction and manipulation? Is it confusing infatuation, or is it something much deeper?
  •  As they travel deeper into the unknown, their hearts become widely exposed, unleashing retaliating defenses. Will Genesis and Sophia be the two to restore the magical memories of the planet’s legendary practice, or will their pride of dominance separate them?
  •  Journey into the unknown as Genesis and Sophia discover the beauty of the true spiritual nature of love.






Welcome back.  Today, we’ve a returning guest, Adam Lynch.  Who have you brought with you today, Adam?

  • Sophia, the bispiritian of beauty

Sophia, do you have a nickname you prefer —

  • I will lacerate the flesh from your bones if call me anything but my real name…

Yes, Ma’am!  So that I may not offend, what is your real name?

  • You mean you do not know or you wish to hear me speak it? Because you should already know.

I am sorry, but I honestly do not know.  Will you grace us with it, please?

  • I am Sophia, the bispiritian of beauty: the paradigm of exquisiteness and light amongst the heaven’s stars.

Sophia, the bispiritian of beauty: the paradigm of exquisiteness and light amongst the heaven’s stars, may I inquire what you are?  I can see you are not human.

  • I am a bispiritian, six-winged archangel with the halo gift of beauty. Every bispiritian is born with a unique gift that distinguishes who he or she is—and the amount of wings one possesses determines his or her strength and state of class. I am of the highest class. There are only two of that are but very soon there shall only remain one…

May this mere mortal inquire about where you were born and a little about your history?

  • I was born on the planet Eden. In twenty years of birth, bispiritians reach their prime of maturity. After this we cease aging. So in spite of how old I may be, I am still as beautiful as I’ve ever been.
  • There’s four regions on the planet, Eden: summer, winter, autumn, and spring. I was born in the central village in the spring region—the last remaining village that wasn’t overrun by all the males…

Do you have any family?

  • Bispiritians don’t ever have siblings.
  • I was raised by the guardian of the spring region. I call her Miss Spring. She was very powerful.

With all of the power you wield, what do you enjoy doing for a living?

  • You mean being queen of my entire race? Ha ha, what could be better?
  • I am ridding the entire world of all males! That makes me the world’s saint! Everything I do, I do it for the world’s perfection—and once all filth is eradicated from the planet, it will indeed be made into perfection.

Do you see yourself as the embodiment of your goal?

  • Flawless perfection.

How does that perfection handle the stress of ruling the world?

  • Your questions greatly insult me…
  • The fate of the world is in my hands to manipulate as I see fit, so yes, I’d say I’m well familiar with the burdens of pressure.

Has this allowed you to have friends, or do you only have enemies?

  • All females [are my allies]
  • [The enemies are the males.]  Males are evil, disgusting and perverted beings… they must be destroyed from the planet—all of them! Only by accomplishing this will our planet be made pure…

Do you get along with all females, or only some?

  • As long as you’re not a male…

Is that why you are attempting to eliminate all males?

  • I would like for my sisters to live in peace and harmony, without being shrouded in constant fear over the males that THINK they’re the dominant gender… but we’ll show them soon enough just who holds all the power…

Would you change anything about yourself when you succeed?

  • I am perfect! Why would I ever want to become something else?

What does perfection do with an insult from a friend, or a compliment from an enemy?

  • There is only one male I’ve ever known that’s stupid enough to do that…[to complement me]
  • My sisters would never insult me. We are all as one.

But what about the future?  Have you ever thought of dating, maybe marrying, someone?

  • I would never dream of it! But that one male that Miss Spring let into the village when I was young—the one who complimented me—I don’t understand him. His behavior is not consistent with what I understand about males… and that frustrates me beyond reason. I cannot stand to encounter matters I do not understand at its totality!
  • What is this “marriage” you speak of? I’ve never heard of such a thing!

Are you comfortable telling use your greatest fear or deepest secret?

  • I am unconscious of my deepest emotions. My biggest secret remains a mystery even to me.
  • I am afraid of what I do not understand and cannot control… I must sustain constant control over all things. All things!

Thank you.  Both of those are perfectly reasonable for the rest of the world.  When you feel yourself sliding towards losing control, do you have anything that helps?

  • I am proud of my beauty because it reflects the identity of who I am—and I am Sophia, the bispiritian of beauty!

And you are indeed beautiful.  Thank you, Sophia, the bispiritian of beauty: the paradigm of exquisiteness and light amongst the heaven’s stars for coming down from Eden to mingle with us today.

Adam, thank you for bringing her with you.  It has been an … interesting … experience to learn more about her.


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