Book Review: Epic: Legacy



This ain’t your average Rock N Roll Fairy Tale…
Meet Deacon McTaggart, protector of the defenseless, bane of high school bullies.
With a global crisis looming, Deacon is sent to Scotland to live with his eccentric uncle – who is in fact a legendary hero in the world of Avalon, where myth is reality.
After a night of too much ‘meadale’, a run-in with a cantankerous faerie thrusts Deacon into Avalon, and an adventure of EPIC proportions.








Justin takes the old “end of the world” tale and tips it on its ear in a fun, unexpected way.  The world  building in the mundane world is minimal, though worth every word he gives it.  Quick sketches draw a vibrant image of the setting you find yourself in.  The world building in the faerie world is more in depth and yet still leaves areas you want to go explore.  Both worlds have a rich, vibrant feel to them.  There are strange creatures in Avalon, and while there’s a quick sketch, I felt a little let down some of the more important ones weren’t given a little more detail.  Perhaps this will be remedied in the second book, or perhaps they aren’t as critical as they appear in the first.

The character development is delightfully rich, providing some intriguing and deep characters.  Throughout the body of the story, bits and pieces come to light, yet there are still depths which haven’t been revealed yet.  This alone creates some fun, interesting plot twists as characters don’t respond the way you expect them to.

The pace is a little unsettling.  There’s a couple of places that seemed to drag, mostly when the scene changes to the antagonist’s point of view.  It’s not bad, but it is noticeable.  There are also a few small spots where things seem to feel a bit rushed.  However, over all, the pacing is well done.  Even several weeks after I finish the book the story remains memorable enough for me to look back on and see parts of it.  It definitely felt very cenematic while reading through it, which was completely enjoyable.

Overall, I can definitely give this one a solid 5 out of 5 stars.  Well done!



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