Book Review: The Sorcerer’s Maze

 The Sorcerer is full of tricks to keep you in his jungle maze. Will you escape?
This interactive story combines the enjoyment of a quiz with the discovery and surprises of a ‘You Say Which Way’ adventure book. Oh … and watch out for the anaconda.

Answer questions and riddles to get through the Sorcerer’s maze. Great for kids who love facts and trivia. Learn about animals and the Amazon rain-forest while you explore the jungle with your apprentice guides.










When I started this one, I had a vivid memory of Blair and D. M.’s “Lost in Lion Country” in mind.  The Sorcerer’s Maze isn’t the same at all.  It is still a sort-of choose your own adventure, but it doesn’t have the same type of variability.  There is only one story line to be traced, though it is handled with a sense of fun along the way.  If you answer incorrectly, you wind up having to work back through part of the story again.

Where Lost in Lion Country is more fun with a bit of education, The Sorcerer’s Maze is education with a bit of fun mixed in.

Now, into the nuts and bolts:

The world building was nicely done.  This is based in the jungle, and while there’s some things that don’t quite “feel” spot on, it is perfectly believable if you take it in the context that many people have traveled the route before.

The character development is a bit shaky, but I think that is because choose your own adventures relies heavily on what choices the reader makes, rather than on how the characters actually develop.

The pacing in this one is steady, not too fast, not too slow.  It’s kind of hard to judge because if you make an incorrect choice, you do get sent to a previous point in the story and have to work your way forward again.  I don’t remember any places that felt rushed or lagging, though I do remember a couple of points where it felt like things were slightly disjointed.  That may be because I was rushing back through a section I’d just finished (and chose the wrong answer along the way) or because there is a time lapse that isn’t properly bridged.  Not quite sure.

All in all, this is a good three and a half out of five as a READING book, and a five out of five as an EDUCATIONAL reading book.  I  think the younger readers who are just starting to read chapter books will enjoy this one, though readers with a little more mature reading skill may find the book a touch on the simplistic side.  However, I do think the slightly older readers will find the book enjoyable for the educational content as well.


Comments and questions welcome.

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