Character Interview: Isaac Frost


The Everlasting Brotherhood: A Pact Between Two Friends by [Lynch, Adam]


When two close friends, Isaac Frost and Jamie Dark, are evicted from foster care at the age of eighteen, they are immediately exposed to the reality of life. However, their perspectives of this reality contrast.

Jamie Dark is a man who learns to distrust everyone besides those closest to him and thus learns to compete against all others, demanding dominance over them in order to assure him and his family’s security. Isaac Frost is a man who views the world as a negative place, but desires the power to change it—in order to establish a love that can be shared with everyone, including those outside of family.

Destinies quickly unfold as Isaac and Jamie are suddenly given supernatural prowess, instantly granting them higher authority to impose their beliefs and enact their ideals. Each of them will make choices, and there will come a time when those actions will reap consequences to those around them.

When the two friends inevitably stand in the way of each other’s resolve, they will be forced to ask themselves if ending the eternal friendship they once dedicated to each other is worth keeping the pride of what they each declared to be their own sense of “justice”.



Welcome back everyone!  Today we’ve a returning guest.  Adam Lynch is returning with someone from his newest project.  (No, we don’t have a release date or working title for it.  Will be updating as information comes in though!)

Adam, who are you did you bring with you today?

  • Isaac.

Isaac, do you have a full name, by any chance?

  • Isaac Frost.

Welcome, Mr. Frost.  Or do you have a nickname you’d rather I use?

  • Oh, I had quite a few nicknames back when I lived in the foster home…

I’m guessing none of them were very complementary.  Knowing Adam, you’re in a fantasy book, so that begs the question about what you are.  Can you tell us about your status?

  • I’m a human like everyone else, but recently I was made into a super with the prowess of ice.

I’m afraid I see the pun in that a little too well.  Sounds like we’ll have to have you back a little later, Mr. Frost.  Adam, thank you for coming by today, and I hope you’re not a stranger as Isaac’s tale unfolds.




Comments and questions welcome.

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