Author Interview: Howard Loring

Welcome back everyone.  Today, Howard Loring has stopped by to visit with us from somewhen and somewhere on Earth.  Howard, will you get us started with a little about yourself, and where (or when) you are from?

  • Sorry, such information is held in strict confidence and the reasons why are contained in my books

Would talking about what got you into writing be a little less classified then?

  • I approach Literature as a Discipline and I’m interested in all Disciplines, and this construct is contained and discussed in my books also. I’ve always written, but commitment to writing is a different matter

What started your commitment to writing that resulted in your first book?

  • Friends who knew my situation urged me to tell my story and, having an opportunity while repairing my Time Machine, I simply went with it
  • Being trapped in this Timeframe while my machine is repaired has given me the opportunity to tell my story, utilizing metaphor and allegory, of course

Of course.  Truth may be stranger than fiction, but it also is a little more fun after a slight embellishment or two.  Do you have a favorite style of writing for your work, or do you let the work dictate how the story is told?

  • Most definitely yes. I create Epic Fables, which are simply written narratives that when taken together hold a higher meaning germane to the universal human condition

Do you have other books, beyond your first, waiting to be discovered by the curious?

  • I’ve written three books, two Novels and a compilation of Short Stories, in five years, and I’ve always been artistic so I gave it a go

Are you at a point in your current project that you can share something about it, and maybe some current news?

  • More Tales of the Elastic Limit, of course, and I’m thinking of illustrated editions of the ones already out
  • My Quest is ongoing, my Mandate fixed, so I shall continue along the same path, again this is all detailed in my books

I have to ask, because you seem to have a theme going in your titles.  How do you come up with your titles for your books?  Do you have a specific method, or do the titles develop organically as you write?

  • The Elastic Limit of Time is jargon, a concept needed to understand and control Time Travel, but it’s also a metaphor for your imagination so, Beyond the Elastic Limit is beyond your imagination, and Piercing the Elastic Limit blows your imagination away, and so forth

I’ve always enjoyed finding authors who write for the love of writing and telling a good story.  Some are influenced by authors who have come before, some by the daily events around them.  For you, do you have any favorite books or authors that have helped to shape your writing?

  • I read voraciously, and many genres are encompassed in my Epic Fables of Time; mystery, detective tale, historical fiction, adventure saga and love story; the list is endless
  • Many, ranging from Ancient to Modern, and I’m most moved by the vast variety of style, which drove me to develop my own

Do feel any of these authors to be a mentor to you as you grow through your writer’s journey?

  • Well, all of my books are ‘page turners’ so someone like Burroughs; All of my chapters or Short Stories have a beginning, a middle, and an end so someone like Dickens who serialized in newspapers; And all have a ‘hook’ so someone like O’Henry would apply there. All I would consider to be inspirations for my style

That is an impressive list, indeed.  Have you encountered any new authors who have turned your head with interest in their work?

  • Yes, I really enjoyed Paul Sherman’s An Extended Journey as it covered Thomas Jefferson, someone I’ve also written about, but Paul’s use of language is far different than mine, and he employs it well. It’s a wonderful Time Travel book

Are you reading a book by one of the authors above, or has someone else claimed that honor?

  • I read many books at a time, thankfully I have the ability to pick one up and remember where I was, the flow and so forth. I read History, Adventure, Mystery, Biographies, etc. And many of each at a time, as I said

You mentioned that you’re writing under a pen name, and that has me wondering if you have support outside of the family who help you when you run into challenges in your writing.

  • Few know my true identity but I do have close friends who encouraged me to tell my story. They are acknowledged in the books

Having someone to bounce ideas off of is such a help.  I’m glad to hear that you have a group who know you for you.  With the encouragement, do you feel that writing can be a career for you?

  • Well, I give the money away and no one knows who I am, so Fame and Fortune are not my motivations, so I’d say that’s not much of a career

That does make the career question a bit redundant, doesn’t it?  What about changes?  If you were to go back and start your writer’s journey over with what you know now, would you change anything?

  • No, I don’t think so. My latest, a book of Short Stories, can be read in three ways and this nicely demonstrates the Circular Nature of Time, which was my objective

Did you work with anyone to develop your covers, or did you make them yourself? They are quite interesting.

  • My publishing house, PreCognitionPress easily handled that given it’s done before you think of it. All of the covers are a variation of the same theme

I noticed that in your author’s picture.  It sounds like you’ve learned quite a bit while on your journey.  Will you share some of the challenges and lessons you’ve encountered or learned from?

  • Staring at a blank page is always the hardest thing to overcome, but after you start, it simply flows
  • Well, it’s true that you write what you know, and doing so without having a conscious intent at the time was certainly an enlightening experience
  • I use a formula I devised from Myth to ensure an economy of words. My paragraph structure is therefore unique and this is often challenging

Writing what you know.  I’ve heard that before.  Does that mean you weave in reality into your writing, or some of your own experiences?

  • My Epic Fables explain the unexplainable in a simple, plausible fashion, again using metaphor and allegory, and they often employ true history, so yes they’re realistic
  • Most assuredly, and so both of these situations would be a correct statement

Do you ever weave messages into your work for readers to find?

  • My books deal with intellectual, historical and social paradigm shifts, often using real history the better to understand anyone’s Current Reality, so the message is different for each reader. It’s all about personal choice and the consequences that follow

Those are always good messages to be reminded of for everyone.

As we come to the end of our time together today, Howard, I’ll go ahead and ask the question that seems to be addressed to every author.  What advice would you pass on to other writers?

  • Never give up

Such a short phrase, and powerful message.  Thank you Howard.  As we wrap up, do you have any last words to day to your readers?

  • Well, the books stand on their own merit but they do make you think so, if you read my Epic Fables, be prepared to think as well as being entertained

Those are always the most fun.  At least, in my opinion.

I won’t keep you away from your repairs any longer.  Thank you so much for stopping by today Howard.  It has been a pleasure getting to meet a real time traveler, and hear some of your thoughts.


If you are interested, you can connect with Howard through PreCognitionPress via their email system.  You can also reach him on Facebook on his Fan Page, and his Friend Page.


If you enjoyed the interview, and wish for me to host one for you, please stop by my Offered Services page and fill out the simple submission form.  I will get back with you soonest to discuss details.


Thank you all for stopping by today for the visit by Howard Loring.



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