2016 Interviews

If you’ve been following my interview series, and missed the announcement about the slight rearrangement on the blog, don’t worry.  The list of interviews I hosted for the Books Go Social Authors can be found Here.  It was getting long enough to make scrolling annoying.  As such, I renamed the page and shifted it.

The list that will be starting in January of 2016 is for authors from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Facebook group.  They have waited patiently while I got everything prepped and ready, so I hope you will take a moment to stop in, say “hi”, and read a little more about them as I bring their interviews live.  If the name is still white, that means their interview has not officially been posted yet.  (I’ve listed the expected dates for the interviews to officially go live… if it’s not linked within a week or two, it is because I’m swamped under with schoolwork again.)

Author Interviewed Character(s) Interviewed Genre Scheduled Release

Date of Interview

 Ailsa Abraham  (Official) Fantasy

(Preferred) Magical

 Aaron-Michael Hall  01/08/16
 Melissa Sasina  01/15/16
 Justine Dowsett Kadrean Authier  01/22/16
 Lianne Miller  01/29/16
Joshua Tyler Calkins-Treworgy  Quoth  02/5/16
 Jamie Dodge  02/12/16
 John Brage  02/19/16
 JG Faherty  Leah DeGarmo  02/26/16
 Greg Bryant  Grae-don  Science-Fiction  03/04/16
 Howard Loring  03/11/16
 Tristan Johnson  03/18/16
 Mark Royston  03/25/16
 Irina Shapiro  Neve Ashley  04/01/16
 Kindra Sowder  04/08/16
 Alesha Escobar Isabella George 04/15/16
  Janet McNulty  Rynah 04/22/16
Valerie Ryan  Syntyche Parks 04/29/16
 Carol Van Natta 05/20/16
 Aimee Wilshire  Lady Ariama
 Russell Nohelty  Katrina 06/10/16
 Matthew Freake 06/17/16
 Daniel Howard 06/24/16
 Charity Bradford 07/01/16
 Jarvis 07/08/16
 Phillips 07/15/16
 Kelli 07/22/16
 Dylan Quarles  07/29/16
 Michael Dellert 08/05/16
 Stephen 08/12/16
 Karen Kerkes  08/19/16
 RM Burgess  08/26/16
 Sarah Blackwell  09/02/16
 Matt Campbell  09/09/19
 Vickie Smith  09/16/16
 Christa Yelich-Koth  09/23/16
 Brian Short  09/30/16
 Catharine Carrigan  10/07/16
 Dennis Young  10/14/16
 Elizabeth Nobel  10/21/16
 Chelle Griffith 10/28/16
 Caitlin Mathews  11/04/16
 P. Kat Barkley 11/11/16
 Morgan Smith  11/18/16
 Jasmine Walt 11/25/16