Character Interview: Matt Wolfe

Eliza Ross believes she is living an isolated life in Montana without family or friends. Then a mysterious stalker turns her world upside down. The cops think she is crazy, but the medical doctors soon discover that Eliza isn’t normal—and they are determined to find out why.

Dmitri Markov is a Druzhina who knows everything about Eliza, but his mission is to make her forget. He will do whatever it takes to keep her alive and deliver her to Shashenka Belyakov. Other elite Druzhinas are sent to assist Dmitri in recovering her from the hospital. They will not fail.

An unlikely friendship with a mortal enemy only deepens the mystery, putting Eliza on a collision course with Dmitri and immersing her in a shadow realm where nothing is what it seems. As the truth unravels, Eliza learns that she must destroy the one responsible for enslaving her, or she’ll never be free—but as she races into the unknown, she unwittingly sends Dmitri into a downward spiral that may doom them both.







Lianne, welcome back.  And, to all of our readers, welcome again.  Lianne, who did you bring with you today?

  • Matthew Leland Wolfe

Mr. Wolfe, do you have a nickname you’d prefer us to use, or any you’d prefer us to not use?

  • Yes, unfortunately.  [I’d prefer you to not use] mutt, mongrel, dog … all because of what I am and vampire prejudice.

That is understandable, Mr. Wolfe.  Before we get too far into the fun parts, I’m going to be nosey.  I’m guessing that you are’t human.  Do you mind explaining what you are, and if it has any benefits?

  • I’m a werewolf. Strength, speed, sensitive hearing, and I’m good at kicking vamp ass.

That definitely sounds like there’s a story in it, which I’m sure you enjoy telling.  However, something tells me, that’s part of the story you’re part of, not something to give away here.  Instead, I’m going to turn the discussion to other things.  (Let the readers discover your story for themselves, right?)  Do you recall when you were born?

  • I was born on April 10, 1988 in Bozeman, Montana.

Can you tell us a little about what it was like growing up there with your family?

  • They [my parents] were good people. My dad taught me how to be a man—one that’s strong and respects women. My mom had a wicked sense of humor and showed me how to live life to the fullest. I lost them both because … just leave it at that—they died a few years ago.
  • My parents took one look at me, destroyed the mold, and never had another child.  Ha ha.
  • Montana, greatest place ever! People there are laid back, friendly, and down to earth. Many are hard working, hard living, and know how to enjoy life. The hunting and fishing is great too. Our forests and national parks can’t be beat in scenic beauty.

Do you consider yourself to be good or evil, or somewhere in between?

  • I’m good, even when I’m bad I am very good.

Can you tell us a little about who you are, such as your personality and how you handle stress?

  • Fun loving, adventurous, strong, hard worker, loyal … I’m the real deal, total package wrapped in wit and wisecracks. Really, what’s not to love?
  • You’re kidding me, right? Yes. I’m up to my neck in vampires—one in particular, Shashenka Belyakov is a bad ass devil vamp that I’m working to setup for the big take down. His coven is the largest network of vampires in the world and he is pure evil to the core. He’s holding my baby vamp, Eliza Ross, against her will, and I will do whatever it takes to get her free of him.

Sounds like you work hard so you can play hard to relax.  Do you have any friends who help you?

  • Crazy world we live in. Before I met Eliza it was Josh Cleary’s pack. After they were wiped out I found myself with some unlikely friends, mainly the vamps connected to Eliza, including that nut-job stalker of hers, Dmitri. But if not for them I wouldn’t have met and became friends with Maria. She is one wickedly sweet maxian wizard.

What do you do if one of these folks insults you?

  • Well, if it were Dmitri then I’d say that’s nothing new. Although he’s getting better now that we don’t want to kill each other all the time. But, if it was Maria … ::grins:: I’d say bring it on witchy-poo, you know I make you weak in the knees.

Definitely sounds like you’ve got your hands full.  Since you’ve mentioned your pack being wiped out, have you discovered who did it, or if there are other enemies to be worried about?

  • There are a few: The werewolf that attacked and turned me; anyone who hurts my baby vamp is my enemy. Top of the list right now are Shashenka Belyakov, Milo Kohler, and Guillermo Sanchez.

What do you do when they complement you?

  • That he’s up to something and whatever it is isn’t good.

For some reason, that seems to be a common theme with the bad guys – complement the good ones just before they try to incapacitate you.  Has your turning at the hands of an enemy made it hard to get along with others?

  • [No.] I mean who can resist a good-looking crazy werewolf?

If you had your way, what would you see done in the world as it stands now?

  • The destruction of my enemies.

Makes sense to me.  Do you ever escape the pressures of life by imagining yourself as something else?

  • I never chose to be a werewolf, and after watching a human get turned into a vampire I wouldn’t choose that either. Sometimes I think that I’d like to go back and just be a human again. But, then I think of all the cool toys the maxians have and maybe being one of them wouldn’t be so bad. You seriously wouldn’t believe all the great devices they hide from the human world and other shadow realms.

And, I’m sure you’d love to use them to better everyone’s lives.  Realistically, though, what would you change in your life now?

  • You know that Eliza always plays the what-if, would-have, could-have, should-have games, and I always stop her when she’s thinking like that. I’m comfortable in my own skin and accept what I am, the life I live. Our time is too short in this crazy world to live with regrets and be unhappy.

What do you do to support yourself, since it sounds like you’ve more adventure in your life than most would expect?

  • I’m self-employed, I have a construction business, but I’ve inherited Josh’s ranch, and am running his tech business too. I build homes and businesses, and I love creating structures—making people’s idea of a dream home come true. It also allows me to slip away during the height of the full moon so that I don’t hurt people. And it’s given me time to try to help free Eliza.

Do you have anyone in your life who’s turned your head?

  • Kind of, but not in the way I want.

What about taking it through the next step into marriage?

  • If not for mangled dreams, yes. I may still consider it if a certain someone realizes that my wit and charm is an indication of how I feel about her.

Do you have any regrets or deep secrets that you can share with us?

  • It’s because of me that my parents and Josh’s pack are dead.

That is a hard one to carry.  Do any of your fears tie into that secret?

  • [I fear most about]  losing the ones I love.

Do you have any achievements to counter your secret and fears?

  • That I’ve made my own way in this world and haven’t let it destroy who I am or what I want to be.

Remaining true to who you are is a wonderful achievement.

Mr. Wolfe, Lianne, thank you both for stopping by today.  It was fun getting to know you both a little better, and to let others discover you as well.


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