Character Interview: Min

 The Umae teeter on the brink of extinction. Their blood rivals, the Hek, have mysteriously made huge leaps forward in technology and are now poised to exterminate them. Their godlike protectors, the Journeyers, have not been heard from for centuries.
Just as their society is poised to collapse, the Journeycraft Starshine returns to them from deep space. Prohibited from using advanced technology by an ancient set of laws known as The Protocols, the Starshine’s terminally ill Command Agent must lead a ragtag group of exiles on an overwater quest to investigate a clue to the Umaes’ ultimate salvation. But the Hek stalk them at every turn, and a would be dictator plots his own ascension to power.
Can the Journeyers restore the faith the Umae once had in them? Can the key to the Umaes’ survival be found in time? And what is the Starshine’s Command Agent willing to sacrifice in order to have the only thing he ever truly wanted?





John, welcome back.  Who have you brought with you today?

  • Min

Welcome Min.  Do you have more to your name, or a nick name you’d preferred to be called?

  • That is my full name.
  • [Just Min.]

Then, Min it is.  As we get started, do you mind explaining what race you are?  Something tells me you aren’t human.

  • I’m Umae. What’s a “human”?

I’m afraid I’m a little behind the times myself, as I’m not familiar with Umae, Min.  Will you help me understand this a little better by telling me a little about yourself, and where you are from?

  • I spend so much time in space that I’m not sure which ellipse we are on. I was born on the planet Uma, Atla settlement several hundred ellipses ago.  I don’t have the exact number.
  • [I grew up] in the Atla settlement[. It] is a large island in the middle of a fresh water lake.  About 2000 Umae live there.  It’s a nice, safe place to live.  At least for now.

Ah.  You are not native to the world we call “Earth” then.  That helps.  In your world are you considered a good person, a bad person, or somewhere in between?

  • I try to follow the Protocols and serve my fellow Umae. I would say that means “good”.

Makes sense to me.  Helping others is considered to be a good person here as well.  What do you do to support yourself?

  • I’m the Command Agent on the Journeycraft Starshine. The Atlans would call me a “Journeyer”.  It is our role to search space for Haven, a suitable planet to where the Umae can relocate.  It is a fascinating job.  But it consumes my life so I can’t ever do much just for myself.

I’m sure that job comes with quite a bit of pressure.  Do you feel you handle it well?

  • I’m the Command Agent of a Journeycraft. I handle pressure every rotation.

I’m sure you do.  Let’s ask this in a slightly different form.  Why do you think you handle pressure so well?

  • I’m intelligent, calculating. I also have a bit of a sensitive side I guess (blushing).

Would you say this combination helps you work smoothly with others?

  • I don’t see why I shouldn’t.

Some would say they learned it from their family.  Did you learn any important lessons as a child from your parents or siblings?

  • I never knew my parents.
  • [I do not have siblings.] If I did, they have all died a long time ago.

Do you have any friends, or individuals you enjoy spending time with?

  • My crew. I couldn’t ask for a better crew.

What do you do if one of your crew insults you, though?

  • Depends on who it was. Jack would never do that.  He sees me as his hero I think.  If Sol did, he would just be doing it for my own good.  He’s like my brother.  And Eve….. (blushes again)…..she would just be trying to get a……..ummmm…..reaction…..out of me.

Are you dating anyone who might be included in this list?

  • (Smiles).   She is the ship’s Data Agent.  She’s………remarkable.

If you could, would you marry her?

  • We don’t marry. But I’d like nothing more than to be with Eve for the rest of my life.

What about the opposite – the ones you prefer to not be around, or who you consider enemies?

  • I guess I would have to say the Hek. They are going to cause the extermination of the Umae if I….. I mean, we….. don’t find Haven soon.

What would you do, theoretically, if one of the Hek complemented you?

  • I’d be very confused because they aren’t supposed to be able to talk.

If you had your way, what would you like to happen within your lifetime?

  • It’d be nice if I could be cured. I have Repose Termination Syndrome and I’m not going to be able to fly anymore.  But I’m not going to be cured, so I’ll have to figure out another plan

Do you ever dream about being something else besides yourself?

  • I’m happy being what I am. Without the disease, I mean.

So, realistically, would that be what you would change if you could?

  • [Yes.] I’d be cured of my RTS.

Do you have any secrets you are comfortable sharing with us?

  • I don’t think the Protocols are what my people have always thought them to be. I plan on digging into that a bit before I have to leave.

What about fears?  Any that haunt your thoughts?

  • It should be that we don’t find Haven in time and my people are driven to extinction. (looking down at his feet) But I really don’t know…….. I can’t fly anymore and the only person qualified to take my place as Command Agent is Eve.

That’s quite a bit to carry around on your shoulders.  Do you have any accomplisments that you are proud of, and help to counter your fears?

  • Jack’s training. He’s absolutely brilliant.  I think I’ve maximized his development.  He is going to be a huge asset to the Starshine.

It’s always nice to see someone reach, and pass, what they thing is their best potential.


John, thank you for bringing Min over to visit today.  Min, it has been very nice getting to meet you, and learn more about you and your people.


Don’t forget, John will be back tomorrow with another member of his character cast, so mark it on your calendar.  Until then, may you have a wonderful time reading!


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