Book Review: Reawaken

 Arianna Montgomery has no recollection of her past life when she discovers she has a part to play in the new human race. As much as she tries to fight the cause, it may turn out she has a much bigger role to play than she realized. But can Arianna handle the responsibility that’s been thrust upon her when she regains those lost memories?

The end is coming…will they be ready?











Where to start with this one?  I normally wait a few days after I finish a book before I review it so that I can think about what I’ve read.  Sadly, I was not able to do so for this one.  I had thought the back cover description would provide enough of a memory jog for me, but I’m afraid it didn’t.  With that, I admitted defeat, and re-read the book.  The fact that after only a couple of months I could not remember what the book was about, or even who the main characters were is troubling, and an indication that there may be something lacking in how the reader connects to the characters.

Usually, when I re-read, even if it has been a while, I am encountering an old friend.  With this book, it was as if I were being introduced to a new friend all over again.  And, I do not have the same problems the cast of the story are given to work through.  The character development appears to be solid.  Not as deep as some, but deep enough to provide hints of who, or what, the characters are.   However, the hints only show just how thin the development preparations went with the characters.  Since this is the first of the series, I would say this is not something that detracts from the story, but it can leave readers less than satisfied with the tale.

The world  building is OK, though not the best that I have encountered.  There are pieces that are very well developed, and others that are barely sketched in.  Most of the sketches are for scenes that bridge between main sequences, and to a large degree may be forgiven.  Especially if there are other stories in the works which will come back and fill in these areas with a lot more depth and detail.

The overall pace of the story is a steady amble from point to point.  I didn’t feel that anything was rushed or lagged in the telling.  But, there was a distinct lack of tension to pull the reader into the story, and created a threadbare canvas for the story to be presented against.  Perhaps it is because there is only the one story that ambles from the beginning to the end without any sub-plots or secondary stories helping to provide some depth and vibrancy to the overall concept.

Much as I prefer not to give lower ratings, I’m afraid this one only qualifies for a 3.5 stars out of a possible 5.  There is a ton of potential, and as the series develops, I’m hoping that potential is realized.  This is a good book for anyone who needs a light read that may be interrupted regularly, or one to fill in the odd hour or two.  Middle school readers may also find the work charming, though I think teens who are used to reading on a regular basis may find the story a bit too light.


If you found the review interesting, and would like to try ReAwaken for yourself, you can find it on Amazon.


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