Important for US residents – PLEASE READ AND SHARE!!!

This came in from a friend, and I’m helping to spread word.  Someone is trying to take advantage of an old scam – this time from a new area.  Here’s what was shared with me:

Anyone receiving an automated message from 509-588-7564 should not answer or call back. This is a scam they are NOT from the IRS. It is 1-3 people that don’t speak enough English to be understood. When you demand a supervisor they hang up or threaten to send the police after you. They will already have some of your personal information such as full name, address, & phone number.


A follow up comment corroborated with this information:

they will ask u for the phone number then they will ask u if u r ……. and then tell u the address of the person they are calling for. they do not speak english very well and willtell u they r with the IRS and that they are calling from Washington DC and if u hang up on them, they will send the police after u. it is NOT a call from the IRS !!!!!!


I did check before I posted this, to see if there was any information.  There was, you can find the original article here:  As you can see, this has been done before, and the newest round of scammers are focusing on a new area.

PLEASE, share this!  With tax season upon us, and the lousy tax code US residents are working with, the possibility of facing an IRS audit is nothing to joke about.  We need to get the warning out about this scam.


12 thoughts on “Important for US residents – PLEASE READ AND SHARE!!!

  1. A similar scam has been noticed in Canada, where threatening phone calls are made by people with accents purporting to be from the Canada Revenue Agency. The best response is to ignore them, but some people have been rattled by the threatening manner.

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    1. Thank you for the information.

      It drives me nuts when scammers take advantage of a time of year to prey on peoples lack of information and fear. Do you have an area code the number is showing up from? I’ll be glad to update the main article with the information.

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    1. Welcome. Whenever I hear about another IRS tax scam, or mention it around the house, I keep getting reminded that the first (and probably only contact) from the IRS will be through the mail, unless you default. Then, it’s through the mail and your bank account.

      But, not everyone knows, or remembers this when the phone starts ringing.

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  2. I’ve had a few of these calls. Also beware of the calls from “Microsoft” who say they have tracked illegal or suspicious activity on your computer. For the IRS I tell them the person they are calling is dead. For Microsoft I tell them I don’t own a computer. They usually swear quite colorfully and hang up.

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    1. I’ll pass the information back to my friend about how to end the harassment. They had 2 more calls after asking if I’d help spread the word about this. Same number, and same voices.


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