Character Interview: Grae-Don

Schlock Bi-Monthly: issue 10


CELEBRATING 4 YEARS OF SCHLOCK WEBZINE! This edition includes a subtly unnerving story of gardening and ageing from Ian Fletcher, a story of communists and zombies from Joseph Rubas, of scientists and capitalists from Steve Laker, while Humanity’s search for its heart’s desire takes us to Mars in Mark Slade’s story. Stephen Hernandez’ protagonist is on another quest, which brings him very low indeed. Meanwhile, back on Mars, Grae-don and Azora encounter the terrible Brigands of Boramok. And in our comic strip this edition, we see the return of Uncle Tickle…









Welcome back to all of my wonderful readers, and welcome back to Gregory as well.  Who do you have with you today?

  • Grae-don

Grae-don, will you start us off with a little about yourself, and where you are from?

  • [I am] Grae-don. The name means `orphan’, or in your language, `without parents’.
  • [I grew up in] the island city of Pell’amir, where, upon striding to the shore from the waters of the Great Northern Sea, I was impressed to serve Jor-Taq, the evil scientist. There, in his house, I met Azora, Shala and Haia.  Shala and Haia, enslaved by Jor-Taq over a debt owed by Torq-aa, taught me to read.  There, too, I learned to fight, and to use the knife, the spear and the sword, taught by Brekkex and Koax, members of Jor-Taq’s guard.
  • I don’t know [what my parents were like]. I never knew them.
  • I don’t know [if I have any siblings either].
  • [I also] don’t know. I awoke to find myself drifting in the shallow waters of the Great Northern Sea.

That is tough, not knowing your family.  Do you have any friends or allies who have come to fill some of those roles in your life?

  • My good friend, Torq-aa, his wife, Shala, and their daughter, Haia. Azora, who I love. Jamarra, Empress of Mars. Lodor, aide to Sojar Gru, who bravely rescued Jamarra from the schemes of Dolor Ap. Durkh and Ayjar, warriors of the Ochre Plains. Sojar Gru, statesman and philosopher of the Golden City.

Have they ever given you a nickname, either in jest or as an endearment?

  • The Mad Warrior. The legions of the Golden City gave me that name, as I fought against them to reinstate Jamarra, Empress of Mars, to her throne.

That sounds ominous.  Did they give you that name because of your personality, or the way you handle yourself under pressure?

  • I believe so. I think I handled it [the situation] well, when I freed Azora and Jamarra from the Brigands of Boramok, in the midst of their running sea battle with the Karzi warriors.  We escaped in a stolen boat, as the Brigands and the Karzi pursued us.
  • I am good to those I love. I kill my enemies.  Though I am a good fighter, I take much interest in learning, and am studious by nature.  I am good-natured, patient when patience is called for, and do not enjoy the sensation of anger.  But in my battle fury, none can stand against me, not even the caaq-riders of the Golden City.

You define yourself as “good” then?

  • I am good to those I love. I kill my enemies.

Is there a group of people you work with who falls in between those you love and your enemies?  Do you get along with them?

  • I am good to those I love. I kill my enemies.

Then, that leads me to wonder:  Who are your enemies?

  • Jor-Taq, evil scientist of Pella’mir, the island city in the Great Northern Sea. Because of the outrages he intended to inflict upon the body of his wife, Shala, and his daughter, Haia, I permitted my friend, Torq-aa, the delight of killing Jor-Taq.Tuso, traitor to his home of Pella’mir, he took up with the Brigands of Boramok.  He gave me the scar I wear on the side of my face.  That gesture cost him his eye.  One day I will find him and kill him.Dolor Ap, he who ordered Jamarra murdered, and who took over her reign.  We walled him into the chambers where he fled us.  But he shall return, I have no doubt.

That sounds like a pretty powerful list of enemies to have.  What do you do if they complement you?

  • It has happened before that one I thought an enemy proved, indeed, to be a friend. And friends have proven enemies.  Treachery abounds.  Wait and see.

What about the opposite – one of your friends insults you?

  • None of my friends has ever offered me insult, nor ever could. Those who do are not my friends.

Accidents do happen, my friend.  I have seen it before, just as you have seen those who you thought were enemies turn out to be friends.

Do you ever think about changing anything in your life, or about yourself?

  • I am happy as I am.
  • [Though] I suffocate in this Golden City, with all its rituals and manners. I crave the wild plains of U’myr Chasma, where a warrior on his qyut may ride freely as his own law.  Would but Azora quit this precious palace with me, and we could go adventuring, but Jamarra holds her dear.

From those words, one of those ladies has captured your attention.  Mind sharing which one?

What do you do in the Golden City to support yourself?

  • I am a warrior. Jamarra claims me as one of her generals, and demands that I attend  endless meetings with her staff.

Do you hold any secrets from your employer?

  • I have no secrets.

Are you comfortable sharing your fears with us?

  • When I feel fear, I respond with anger. So that which causes me rage is what I fear.

::Nods:: I’ll keep that in mind.  Do not startle the… by the way,  what are you?  Human, Martian, alien?

  • Human

Don’t startle the human if you intend to continue living.  ::Writes it down in my mental notebook::

With everything in your life, do you have any accomplishments that bring you comfort or peace when things get bad?

  • I am happy as I am.
  • I am a free man, living among free peoples.

Grae-don, thank you for coming out with Gregory today.  I learned a little about you, and your life, which is always fun for me.

Gregory, thank you for stopping by once more.  Today has been very interesting.



If you enjoyed the interview, and wish to read more about Grae-don, you can find his serialized story “The Caves of Mars” in “Schlock! Bi-monthly” over on Lulu Here 


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