Book Review: Awakenings The Wrath Saga


One vampire’s obsession may spell the undoing of them all.

New Orleans is a place full of culture, history, and a literary atmosphere, which draws people from around the world. Cynthia O’Connor is one of these people.

A student by day and a vampire movie buff by night, she never suspected that in the dark of the theater among the dusty curtains was the very thing she salivated over, that as she dreamed of vampires, a vampire dreamed of her.

Ripped from the protective covers of her bed, Cynthia is awakened in another world, a world where the monsters are real, and a threat waits around every corner. For a blood feud long thought ended is about to begin again, and the clan Wrath is all that stands between the dangers of the night and a war that could rip the fabric of human reality asunder.






To be honest, when I saw the cover I was not sure that I would ever want to read the book.  Some romance in a story is fine, but when the romance IS the story, I tend to wind up being turned off of the writing.  After a bit of a debate, I decided to give it a try, since S. I. Hayes participated in the Virtual Fantasy Con 2015 event on Facebook.

With a tentative approach, I opened the book, and from the first chapter I found myself lost in a whole new world.  One of vampires and wereclans living among the humans in secrecy and with a touch of fear.  Though I’ve read other books set in New Orleans, each one presents the city in a new way, and so world building is necessary to define how THIS rendition of New Orleans works.  In the case of Hayes, the development was not so much of the physical world, rather the world of politics, and how the different groups interacted.  A rather unique aspect of world development that usually does not wind up holding center stage.

Not only does the city need to be developed, the characters also have their own uniqueness that makes them stand out from other vampire books or stories.  I had quite a bit of fun deciphering who was what, and nodded in appreciation when the revelations were made later in the story line.  Werecats, werewolves, and vampires, along with actual humans populate the world.  I know that each of the main cast seemed real enough while reading, yet after a few days, my impressions have changed to add a modifier to that description.  They were well developed for the screen.  The overall story played out, as if I were watching a movie, rather than pulled completely into the action.

That may have been because I kept expecting the promise of a steamy romance to develop, and it never did.  There were scenes where the doors were discretely closed after enough information was provided to know what was going on, for which I was grateful.  (Others may not be, however.)  So, the disconnect I fully claim to be on my end, not that of the story itself.

Overall, the pacing was well done – nothing rushed, nothing lagging.  Even the times when one side or the other paused to do research, the flow of action was not stopped by massive amounts of information, rather a little mystery was developed to keep the flow.  I really enjoyed that part.  While I prefer character driven stories, I had no complaints with the balance of plot and character drives behind this one.  It made for an interesting read that still pops up different snippets of the story when my mind goes idle several days later.

While I enjoyed the story, I cannot give this one a full five stars, however it does properly deserve 4 out of 5.  For a vampire book, it was very well done.  For a fantasy book, I still think it was well done, but the docked star comes from the disconnect.  I know I said it was on my end, not the story’s, but still was present.


If you are interested to read more, you can head over to Amazon Here and pick up a copy of Awakenings The Wrath Saga for your self.


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