Here’s why I’ve been mostly out of touch


Out of the blue, all my hard work has come with a tremendous reward.  This is NOT book related, writing related, or really anything most of this blog is about.  However, it is related to what takes up most of my waking hours right now – school and keeping my grades up.

Somewhere around January, I got a strange envelope in the mail.  Since it came from school, I didn’t automatically give it the same round file treatment most of my miscellaneous mail gets.  Thinking it was just the school’s alumni foundation asking for money, I went ahead and opened it, not really giving it much thought.

Then I saw the actual words of the letter that had arrived.

You’d think for an author, I’d be a touch more attuned to the world around me.  The invitation to join such a prestigious group actually blindsided me.  It took me a few days to even process that I had finally shucked the horrid start to my college career, and gained recognition for my efforts.  When I did reply, I don’t think I have to say just exactly how far out in the clouds I was still.  Needless to say, with the course load I’m carrying this semester, and the trouble I’ve had with one of my professors in the past, juggling two (three?) full time commitments has just gotten a little more difficult.

Yes, I want to write, and I’d love to get the blog back into a full schedule.  I’d even love to be able to get all my social media back onto a full schedule, much less the rest of my writing.  (Commitments one and two.)  However, I also worked my backside off to get this award, and I don’t want to lose it.  (Commitment three.)  Seeing as I’m going to have some extra time this summer, and am only one 9 hour semester with a 3 hour final semester from finishing, I’m going to make sure I continue to qualify for this award.

Besides, with a motto of “Let the love of learning rule humanity” and an emphasis on service, I think what I’ll be doing once I’m out from under my scholastic obligations should qualify.  (OK, maybe the learning might be a bit of a stretch… depends on which articles I’m writing at any given time.)  After all, I give my time, and quite a bit of effort to the authors I host here through the interviews and reviews.

So, if I vanish from time to time, now you know exactly why.  I’m earning my keep!

(If you want to know just how hard fellow Phi Kappa Phi members have worked, you can find out HERE what the eligibility requirements are.)


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